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  1. So I’ve now had something similar happen. 2021 Denali 3500, we parked at a campsite yesterday and everything was fine. Today neither of our fobs work for remote lock/unlock, but we can use the physical handle buttons on the door, and keyless start does still work with the fob in my pocket. It’s dry and sunny today, and we did not just get any windows tinted! I like the theory that it has to do with the doors being open for a long time. It’s possible I left the doors open last night for a long time while I was unhitching the RV. In any case, I’ll update whether it fixes itself or if I need to take it to a dealer. I just wanted to add that this problem seems to occur without tinting
  2. Yeah, that was the bulletin I used. What I mean is that I tried to order the indicated part number, but since they aren’t officially listed as compatible with my VIN it meant I would be penalized if I needed to return them. The return policy is usually different if you purchase with a verified VIN. Since none of the parts are officially listed I’m also a bit unsure whether these are the right parts for an HD or if those kits are just for the half tons, even though 153c makes it sound like they apply to the HDs too it isn’t super clear.
  3. I can't speak for the trucks, but I had a 2016 Ford Fusion with push button start and it worked: You could get out with the key in your pocket and leave the car running. BUT... Fords honk at you if you do that. Not a chirp. Full on honk. I have no idea why. As far as I've been able to tell, they still do that, even the 2021s. Its such a stupid thing and one of the main dealbreakers for me to even consider getting a Ford. If I go out and start my truck in the morning and need to run back inside to grab something, I don't want it honking and waking up my kids/neighbors. Thats just ridiculous.
  4. Hi All, has anyone successfully ordered parts for a 2021 GMC 3500? My truck did not have the upfitter switch option from the factory so I need to order the full kit including the switch panel and the knee panel for the dash. I found that none of the upfitter parts are listed as compatible for the 3500 model so it’s hard to figure out which ones are correct. I tried to order from gmpartsdirect but they gave me a hard time that they aren’t listed as compatible for my VIN. But then I noticed that as far as I can tell, GM hasn’t officially marked *any* parts as compatible with this model truck. When I search for parts for a 2021 GMC 3500 at gmpartsdirect the only pieces that show up are accessories / add-ons. None of the factory parts are listed for any part of the truck. Does anyone know what’s up with that? Many parts (including the upfitter switch) are listed for the Chevy 3500, it’s just GMC that’s missing, and I’d assume most parts are interchangeable.
  5. Oh good point, I didn't consider that. In that case I may change out which one I order...
  6. Thanks for the info! I totally agree, every truck is different. Plus it also depends on what you load into it... if you've got a huge toolbox + a bunch of equipment always hanging around in the back its going to sag a bit. FWIW in case anyone else discovers this thread and has the same question: It seems like I can expect the receiver height to sit somewhere in the mid-to-low 20"s. I ended up ordering the 10" drop hitch from weigh safe, I figured that will give me the most flexibility even if I don't need to use the full drop all the time.
  7. If only a minivan could haul an 18,000 lb 5th wheel
  8. Good call. I just checked a tire website to get the tire sizes from the factory. 2020 Silverado HC 2500 = LT275/65R20 = 275mm * .65 = 178.75mm = 7.08" tire + 20" wheel = ~27" overall 2020 Silverado HC DRW = LT253/80R17 = 253mm * .8 = 202.4mm = 7.96" tire + 17" wheel = ~25" overall So the DRW's axle is actually 1" lower to the ground. I imagine differences in suspension would raise the rest of the truck up to offset it, so they may be roughly the same overall ride height.
  9. Thanks! Is that with factory suspension, unloaded? I'm a little surprised since the other post measured a 2020 2500 to be 24". I expected a DRW to sit at least the same, or even higher.
  10. Hi all, I have a new 3500 DRW in transit, I expect it to arrive some time next month. One thing I'm trying to take care of ahead of time is ordering a new drop hitch for the 2.5" receiver so I can jump right into pulling a trailer. But I'm finding it impossible to find the hitch height documented anywhere. I checked with my dealer and they also weren't able to find any documentation on that dimension, and since nobody has any duallys in stock we couldn't just walk up to one and measure it. If any of you happen to know the height, or if you already have a 20/21 3500 dually I'd really appreciate if you could share the height (measured from ground to the top of the receiver)! Thanks! Quick rtfm check for where I've already searched: These forums! I only found this thread of someone asking the same question of 2500. The GMC spec sheet dimensions don't list hitch height specifically: https://www.gmc.com/trucks/sierra/3500hd/sle-slt/build-and-price/features/trims/table?section=Highlights&section=Dimensions&styleOne=413523 The GMC trailering guide doesn't mention it either: https://www.gmc.com/content/dam/gmc/na/us/english/index/about/trailering-towing/02-pdfs/GMTB20CT300_2020_GMC_Trailering Guide.pdf
  11. Thank you so much for the photos! I’ve been looking so hard to see these installed in a 2019. I saw in another reply that you do have the passenger side power outlet and that it’s still usable behind the box. Would you mind taking a photo of the passenger side box swung out showing how the bracket fits around the outlet? That’s my biggest concern before I order one!
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