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  1. My GMC dealer gives me a free courtesy vehicle - or at least they did before the chip shortage. Now they give free rides to/from the dealership. I think they even give free rides while vehicle is in for service. They also have a nice waiting room with free drinks and WiFi and work desks.
  2. I think the warranty only covers your vehicle, not your inconvenience. It sucks, but at least you got a new engine. Did you give you a new extended warranty?
  3. I thought I heard it was $25 a month on top of an OnStar subscription. Can anybody confirm or deny that? And I heard that GM gathers it's map data from user vehicles and then charges us to use it. I think we should be able to charge GM to gather our vehicle's data if they're going to charge us to use it.
  4. I bet it's a combination of the short trip, AT tires, and poor aerodynamics of the AT4. I've studied tires and their affect on MPG for quite a while. Weight plays a factor, but it's not a huge factor. Rolling resistance and aerodynamics are the largest contributors. On my 2015 6.2L Denali I ran 22" Bridgestone Alenzas (street tires) 2/3 of the year. That combo weighed in at something like 88-90 pounds per tire. I easily got 21/22 mpg on the highway and 16/17 overall average. I'm a spirited driver. In the winter and when going camping I also had a pair of GMC 18" All-Terrain wheels with Goodyear Duratracs that I'd flip on. Stock sizes. Each tire weighed in at a much lower 60 pounds or so. I would always drop 1-2 MPG with the lighter, off-road tire setup. Much lighter, but the aggressive tread pattern hurt my MPG somewhat. Now I have a 2021 6.2L AT4 with stock 20" Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner tires. I don't know the weight, I assume it's in the 60 pound range, but I know that my mileage sucks balls. I struggle to get 17/18 mpg on the highway and 14/15 in mixed driving. It's got to be a combination of the factory lift, aerodynamics, and non-highway tire. Summary - my heaviest tire got the best mileage because it had the best aerodynamics and lowest rolling resistance.
  5. I have the Undercover ArmorFlex on my AT4. It's alright. It seems a little flemsy, but it gets the job done. I had a G4 Elite on my last truck and I liked it much better. It was definitely stronger and I liked being able to get access to the front of the bed. Too bad they went bankrupt.
  6. that's interesting. If the truck is smart enough to know that the battery is weak and not enable ASS, it should give you an alert to tell you that the battery is weak.
  7. Ah hell no. I like my truck quiet. I had Duratracs on my last truck and they got really annoying after 20k miles. That's why i started a thread on here a while back asking about the new Goodyear Territory MTs and how loud they were. Not many people have them I guess as I didn't get any responses. I still have my Trailrunners because they are quiet and have been fine for what little off-roading I've done so far.
  8. I'd say OEM unless you intend to drag race your truck. Then I'd go with the GM Performance CAI. CAI is mostly just a noise box unless you spend a lot of time at WOT.
  9. My 2021 6.2L AT4 has sport mode and off-road, but no "touring" mode. Or is that just the default mode? My truck came with 20" Trailrunners.
  10. It's probably just the difference between a lower truck with better aerodynamics (Elevation) and a lifted truck with worse aerodynamics. The Elevation's aero will divert more air over and around the truck to keep it planted on the road while the AT4 allows lots of air to get under the truck which is probably causing the difference that you're noticing.
  11. They might be an accessory, but they're not the factory painted ones. I have factory painted ones and they're not the same.
  12. The easiest thing to do is search factory take-offs from Craigslist. There are tons of <1000 mile sets available for cheap. It's a quick and easy swap. Many will even buy your old wheels making the cost even cheaper. And you don't need a speedo recalibration if your overall tire height is the same. Wheel/Rim size is irrelevant. Speed comes from Revolutions Per Mile which is dictate by tire height.
  13. Nope. It'll make it worse. If you want a better ride, get better tires or shocks. And you'll need to expand on what you mean by a better ride.
  14. Recalibrating for similar tires sizes is a complete waste of money. It's not even required for drastic tires size differences. Just remember that you'll be going 3-5 MPH faster at 70 and you're good to go.
  15. No they're not. The factory ones don't stick out that far and they stop at the mud flaps. The ones in that picture cover the mud flaps.
  16. So is everybody in this thread arguing the same end point then? They're a waste of money? Ok. I'm glad we got that settled.
  17. Agreed. There is no positive outcome to this venture. Especially since GM already does their best and spends MILLIONS to try and squeeze out a half MPG here or there. There is no easy aftermarket upgrade for improved mileage.
  18. Maybe try explaining why the EGR valve has to exist for the exhaust to recirculate? Or more to the point, why we need or don't need a Catch Can?
  19. The DIC is close enough unless you're going for perfection. Then you would have to note down gallons per fill up and track mileage through an app or something. And good luck with mileage improvements. GM already squeezes the turnip pretty hard due to CAFE penalties and such.
  20. Why not contact your dealership parts department? Tell them the harness you're looking for and they should be able to help you.
  21. Ok. Got it. But in your case you went to the dealership for the fluid swap. You don't think they noted that in their files? That you supplied a different fluid? I'm just curious as to how this all works. I'm also curious, how many engines and transmissions has AMSOIL replaced over the years with their warranty? I'm betting zero, because like you said, it would hard to prove that the oil caused the problem.
  22. Wow. This is fun. But I'm confused. It really sounds like you're both saying that a Catch Can is NOT helpful, but for different reasons? Or does one of you think that it is useful? Just so that I can follow a little better. Thanks! Continue.
  23. Hasn't about every OEM gone to Direct Injection engines? What percentage of OEM engines actually use a catch can?
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