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  1. Okay so I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty stupid right now. I have the 19 RST 5.3L 8 speed and I’m looking to replace my muffler. I am going with the Magnaflow but they have 3 length options. My existing pipe is 2.5” OD. It measures 21” at the muffler itself. Here are my questions: Do I order the 2.5” muffler or do I need a bigger size since my pipe is 2.5. Again, feeling dumb because I never did exhaust myself. Also do I clamp or weld on place. I plan on cutting the pipe to have a direct fit without any add in pieces of pipe. Is a smaller length muffler better for flow and sound or doesn’t that matter. Thanks for the help. I have the screens covered and it sounds good but I like the new Magnaflow sound.
  2. I have tried asking dealers, aftermarket suppliers and just about everyone for this simple answer. Can I have the radio stations appear on the driver info screen between the speedo and tach? I had it on my 2016 with Bose but can't find a prompt for it on my 19 RST with 8" Standard radio (IOR I think). Any ideas if this was a Bose thing or just not available on these radios. I use Apple Play for my Nav system but can't see the radio stations. I can select them from the steering wheel buttons but can't see what is what. Thanks.
  3. Quick question on the dual exhaust for the 19. I have the RST and want to just replace the muffler (I covered the resonators already and have the flap open) but looking at Super 10 and they have 2 styles with dual outlet. Inlet is centered (#8425152) on one but offset (#8425810)on the other. Which kind do you have, centered? Thanks. Love the "stock" sound but want a little more.
  4. Didn't have any issues at all. They fit right in without any issue and sound incredible.
  5. Not bad at all. Each side has a trim piece that has bolts on the side and front. Then remove the speaker cover (one bolt) and the speakers. You will need the pigtails to connect to the truck plug. I got them on Amazon for a few bucks. Took about 30 minutes for both speakers. There is a You Tube video.
  6. I replaced the dash speakers in my 19 RST non Bose and the sound was so crisp with that change. I used Kenwood Excelon from Crutchfield. I also replaced the front doors with Alpine RS69.2. I put the baffle cones on them as well as deadening sheets around it. Outstanding sound. I had replaced the rear with JBL 6-1/2" but am thinking of getting a set of better ones there. Also looking at an amp or even a sub.
  7. I have the Rough Country strut assembly with the 2" upper spacer I am going to put on my '19 RST (as soon as I can get into my buddies shop). I had a '16 with the 2" lower C spacer while it didn't have any long term issues, it was contacting the CV boot as described above. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-leveling-struts-500065.html?find=2019-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-568358
  8. I saw a couple of other threads with complete systems installs, upgrades, etc. I have the 2019 RST Crew Cab with the 7" stock radio non Bose and would like a little more but not a full system replace. I already upgraded the speakers with Alpine and JBL and the sound improved but want more. Someone told me about the Kicker amp/sub but I have that area taken by siren modules and radio head units (fire chief) so I can't get that plus the $1k price tag was more than I could spend now. Is the Bose amp compatible with the standard radio head? I can get one on the cheap. If so, is there a harness I would need. Haven't replaced a stereo since I had a 1985 Camaro way back. If not, are there any plug and play systems that are decent costs? I'm not a tech savvy guy when it comes to these systems. Thanks.
  9. Some outstanding information on this thread. Besides having reception issues, I am sorry I didn't get the Bose factory system but have a question. I can get my hands on a Bose amp for a good price. What all do I have to do to my existing standard receiver to accept the Bose Amp. Is there a harness I need? I am replacing all 6 speakers with JBL's from Crutchfield so hopefully the sound improves. Thanks again for all this info.
  10. They did not say what was checked and they said there was not a recall or service bulletin for it. I swapped out the antenna for a "better" one that was recommended by a friend and no improvement. Very disturbing because I am halfway between 2 radio networks in Eastern PA. Never had this issue with my 2016 SIlverado . May pay a visit to the original dealer I purchased it from and see what they can do. Love the truck but can't continue like this. I have the JBL speakers to go in for an upgrade but won't do that until this is fixed.
  11. I am having a major issue with my 2019 Silverado RST and it's radio reception. All of the updates are current, I tried a different antenna and even had the dealer check it and no change. I have a Ford work truck and I parked them side by side with the same radio stations and mine is static, the Ford is crystal clear. Any idea what is wrong or if anyone else if having this issue? I didn't get the Bose system because I heard the standard was fine for normal driving. Now I am regretting it. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  12. Mine said the same thing. Daytime is okay and kicks out at times. I also get the service rear camera notice and screen goes blank. At night it gets real fuzzy with lines through it. Took it to the dealer and they said they didn't find any issues and I even showed them the video. They said there is nothing they can do. Sad!
  13. Can you post the link? I keep seeing 2018 videos but nothing for 19. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I am upgrading all 6 speakers in my 2019 RST with non Bose radio. I can get the door panels off to get to those speakers but having an issue getting the dash panels off. Has anyone done this and if so, is there a trick to remove them? I don't want to start pulling things apart and break clips. FYI, replacing the stock speakers with Kenwood KFC-X2C 2-3/4" dash speakers and JBL GTO 629 6-1/2" in the doors. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  15. I am in need of a little help with my radio station reception in my 2019 Silverado RST with under 4K miles. I had a '16 and '14 Silverado and never had any reception issues in my area. I am between Philly and Allentown so my stations are usually very clear. Ever since I drove my '19 home the stations that were normally clear are very scratchy. Are there any settings I could check or is this an issue I need to have the dealer look at? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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