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  1. Mine too! Sometimes takes 5 pushes to release the lock and I am pulling on the tailgate. One of these times I fear it won’t open at all. I drove a new one a few weeks ago and it opened after one push of the button.
  2. I have an electronic tailgate release just down. Not up. I have to press the tailgate button on the tailgate many times before it opens. I don't think this is normal. Shouldn’t it open with one press with the doors already unlocked ? Thanks for your comments .
  3. Stitch : I took mine to my dealer and they could not find anything wrong with the filler neck. Next time I fueled up problem was magically gone so I don’t know what fixed it or if just checking unclogged something ?
  4. I have 2300 miles on my 2019 Ltz 4x4 Silverado. The fuel range reading in the info display has always read kind of low. On a full tank best I can get is 390 miles on range but believe I am actually getting better gas mileage. Geez in my old 2008 I actually got a 450 range reading on a tank of gas and this one is supposed to be better! I plan to manually check next time I fill up. What kind of fuel range are you all getting on your new trucks after a fill up ? And I drive normal not too fast. I presume this is a 25 gallon tank. Thanks for sharing your thoughts !
  5. Well took my truck,to the dealer today. They removed the fuel filler hose and checked for any blockage. Finding none they put it back together. Filled up and no fuel spilling out and the gas nozzle cut off as it should when the feud reached the filler neck. Hope it will last! No more fuel on my truck and all over the ground. Bit puzzled why taking the hose off and putting it back on without doing anything fixed it? Any ideas?
  6. Thanks folks.....going to take mine into the dealer on Monday. Hope they don't have to take the fuel tank apart! They checked for a TSB and no issues with others as most of you confirmed so guess it will be a trial and error experiment .
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