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  1. Msrp on mine was 72k. I got it for 59k. I love buying last year models for two reasons. Discounts and reliability. My 2016 Sierra, even though it was second year model new, had a lot of gremlins. My last issue was my rear defroster caught the plastic in back on fire. Also my HMI died. But the issue that almost broke my arm was the stupid retractable step. It would randomly go back and forth. So I got a great deal on a trade and did it. Just one warning. These Silverado’s have the worst headlights possible. Especially compared to my leds on the Sierra. I already have led headlights on order and installed this Thursday. Headlight revolution hooked me up.
  2. Traded in my 2016 Sierra Denali 6.2 on this 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Duramax Midnight edition. Love the power!!
  3. Was going to wait on the 2020s but I just can't get over how ugly they look. So I picked up a 2019 2500 6.6 Duramax Midnight edition on Saturday. So far I love it!
  4. This started to happen to my Truck (2016 Sierra Denali) yesterday. https://imgur.com/a/Ip4dEKP Going to dealership on Friday.
  5. My 2016 Sierra Denali started exhibit smoke from rear defroster. Gonna call dealer tomorrow. Anyone else have this happen? https://imgur.com/a/Ip4dEKP
  6. Michelin Defenders. I have a small farm in Southern and I can pretty much go anywhere on my farm. I used to have the KOs but they are horrible in the rain.
  7. I have the one where they did the android play update, but has there been a new update since? Reason I am saying is there are a few bugs that are really annoying. Lately, my saved songs get removed from the favorites bar. Also, sometimes the backup camera doesn't kick in. And I got the weirdest message just last night. It said to service the front camera. I dont even have a front camera. Anyone know if there is a web site that shows if there is an update? Thanks!
  8. I figured he was BSing my brother in law. In either case, it's pretty bad for a 2013. Arghh..
  9. What the original dealer said - is that the cab was dipped in some chemical, and the line (production line) didn't wait long enough for it to dry. Apparently he has seen this in 2013s and GM is denying claims.
  10. My brother in law has a 2013 Sierra Denali with this paint issue. Dealer in Kansas denied claim. said rust has to go all the way through. Has anyone seen this before? Car has never seen salt or anything else.
  11. I just had mine done last Friday. Its a night and day difference. I went in for oil change and they asked me if they could do it. So I went for breakfast with the wife, came back, and presto, like a new truck! No more hard shifts.
  12. I signed up because I was paying the old $15 a month for 1 gig. So I did it so that when the kids are in car, they can surf and not go through the limited family plan. I was disappointed to learn that the Pandora app on My Link doesn't directly link to the internet. It still needs you to have a smart phone or tablet for it to work - and it does work well after that. So I got a Apple Touch permanently in the car to play pandora - which is cool. I do wish mylink had apps that streamed directly from the internet.
  13. All Polaris. Got a John Deere tractor though!!
  14. I am getting 4 megabits per second download and .5 megabit uploads in northwest Chicago suburbs
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