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  1. Anyone have a used one laying around cheap ? Yotaman
  2. Calm down. EV’s can’t stand alone unless propped up by government subsidies. People despise replacing golf cart batteries much less a EV battery. EV’a will be more popular and may have a place for city dwellers and short commutes but overall they don’t save the planet much more than what we have when you factor in exploration for minerals and disposal. My cell phone almost holds a charge for a day then there is that too. Enjoy your truck 22R
  3. Sorry it sounds like Wrecker Time. Find a reputable mechanic cause what you are describing is not gonna be good. Yotaman
  4. How many has had this fixed under warranty or used the updated part from GM and it has failed again ? Mine is still good but I am afraid the aluminum foil is not really gonna keep it from cracking again. Yotaman
  5. Mine has a dipstick but I would think there must be a fill plug somewhere ?? I just measured how much I drained out and refillled the same amount then verified with the....dipstick. Yotaman
  6. Watch this guy I did mine like this twice I wish it had a drain plug but with a clear plastic bin to avoid mess not bad. Yotaman
  7. I had the same issue with my 2014 GMC Sierra CC SLE for 5 years dealer could never figure it out. I too thought it was temp related cause it would do it after work alot when truck sat in sun. I finally called GM to complain and was sent back to the dealer who had new owners and service MGR. He took it to the back and came back and said it is the brake reservoir level switch. I said look it has never said low level but he ordered a new one came in a week later they installed it and it has not come back in since. That was 2-3 years ago. May be your issue too ?? Yotaman
  8. Do a search for cycling thermostat Bad news is it can cause your radiator to crack and leak good news is you noticed it and can replace it. GM has a new updated part be sure you get the right part. Yotaman
  9. Make sure to check the oil with the dipstick once a week and notice if level is falling. 22R
  10. I have a 2014 Sierra 5.3 it was recalled 21 times and luckily I have not had any engine or transmission issues. I have had the cycling thermostat, AC condenser and right now I am going to replace my front control arms cause the ball joints are getting loose. It is ashamed I really the looks of the truck, the interior and the fuel economy but I do not have the most faith long term. My advice to anyone is get on this forum and read about your model and get interested in doing mechanical work if you want to own a GM truck. And yes I said the same thing about my loose drivers seat the dealers had no fix for but the guys on this site have a fix that stopped it. Hope the G218 fixes ya up. My co worker has a 15 year old Tacoma and it just keeps going and going with no repairs just maintenance. 22R
  11. I feel for you. The stolen and damaged really sucks I would be livid with the dealer but damm criminals today letus not even get started. Do a search on Ground 218 on this site. It sounds like you may have that issue and if it is that the good news is it is a easy fix. best of luck and keep us updated. 22R
  12. Thank you for the advice and I will check them again after the first of the year. I have read a thread where Moog is not what it used to be as it is what I always used in the past. The OEM to me has only lasted 77K miles so I am not sure any are better than the others. My arms are steel as I did check. Thanks again for the advice. Yotaman
  13. I brought my 2014 GMC Sierra SLE in for a tire rotation today and they summoned me to the shop area. The lower ball joint on the passenger side has about 1/16" or so slack in it. The guy says it is not that bad yet and truck has 77K on odometer. They quoted me about 700 bucks to replace both lower ball joints. I called another shop I usually use for mechanic work when it is more than I want to handle and they was 900 something. So after some googling and youtubing etc I found that I can get from Rockauto both the upper and lower control arms with ball joints installed for about 220.00 these are the Mevotech brand. Is it worth it to just have the ball joints replaced or wise and easier to just replace both control arms ? Any danger or quality issue getting away from the OEM control arms ? I am just collecting data to make a decision on which way to go and if I want to do the work myself or buy the parts and pay a mechanic to do it. And the truck still drives fine so I wonder if they are really bad are maybe they just pushing a upsell ?? Thanks, Yotaman
  14. Don't think the new Toyota cannot have problems but I agree that your chances are much greater to not have issues with the Toyota. I do think Toyota is making a mistake not offering the current V-8 as a option in the 22 model but not because I think the V6 TT is not enough, Just cause in America almost everyone seems to think that bigger is always better. Best of luck with the new Toyota.
  15. Welcome to the joys of GM ownership. Hopefully it is something simple and they can get you fixed up. 22R
  16. 2014 SLE CC 75K miles. Engine and Trans been great. AC condenser replaced with extended warranty, Infotainment glitchy at times and brake level res switch caused two alarms service stabiltrac and Service brake assist that took dealer years to figure out. Mine has been mostly good but I am weary of it esp the trans. 21 recalls done on it 22R
  17. 2014 SLE. My USB from center console only charges my Iphone. It will not play the content and has been this way a while. I just use the bluetooth hook up. Radio has always been glitchy in it.
  18. Anyone have a used set up they would like to part with ? Yotaman
  19. Wow. Since you have not taken delivery of it..... do you have to ? lawyer up !!! Yotaman
  20. Look in the 2014-19 forum our trucks had the same issue may be the same problem. Some guys came up with a few different fixes. I did the washer fix and it has been solid since. I tried the hose clamps and it work work a while them loosen again later. Yotaman
  21. So you just bought it and want to know if you should trade it for a higher gear transmission ? Ummm Why did you not just buy a 8 or 10 speed to start with ? But yes go ahead and trade in..... Yotaman
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