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  1. Trucks that came with power fold and puddle lamp mirrors are wired slightly differently. If you hook the mirrors and stock harness up to your truck all of the functions will not work properly. You're still going to need Phil's custom harness.
  2. Have you tried remote starting your truck then sticking the key in and trying to turn it?
  3. [mention=197305]flylow86[/mention] is selling some in one of the more recent posts on here
  4. I am interested. What is your PayPal?
  5. Selling my PC65 BT along with my Range AFM device (Blue LED). No box for either, though both are in great condition. I'm only selling because I bought a tuner. PC65 BT - SOLD Range AFM - SOLD Location is 89511
  6. Looks like it was sold in October according to the post right above yours.
  7. Do you know if these fit 2017 crew cab models?
  8. By any chance is your passenger side headlight undamaged? I need to replace my cracked headlight.
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