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  1. Update for whoever finds this later. Got to the root cause of the issue. The ignition lock WORE OUT. The lock wafers are worn to the point the key no longer works. Really surprising for a 4 year old truck. I got this truck used 5 months ago, so no clue how this could have happened. My best bet is the ignition lock cylinder pins were seized in the unlocked position before, and got freed up when I sprayed lube in there. Pic attached of and old and new lock pins side by side.
  2. Yeah, It's the ignition lockout so it doesn't matter if the engine is already running or not.
  3. Tried brake cleaner, no luck. My best bet right now is that it's the ignition lockout somehow got wonky after a lil lube. It's the exact same thing where you can't turn the key at all. Steering wheel is in the straight forward position with no stress on it, I had just pulled straight out of my garage. The annoying thing is you need to rotate the cylinder to the ignition position to remove the key cylinder. Looks like I'll have to call a locksmith
  4. My ignition key was pretty sticky so I sprayed some silicone lube in the ignition to help get things moving again. Now the key won't turn at all. Doing some quick reading I shouldn't have lubed the key-way because there's electronics in there, lesson learned. Is this something I can fix, or do I need a locksmith, or worse a dealer? Edit: I've tried blowing compressed air in the ignition to clean it out, but no luck.
  5. I come from the performance car world and don't know much about what to look for in truck wheels. Which brands are known for quality, what decisions might limit the capabilities of the vehicle, etc. My truck is a 2016 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 Stock Suspension and Ride Height for reference. Very general questions: Tips on what to look for in wheels Brands to look for/avoid Sizes that will fit without rubbing or spacers Any gotchas or questions I might not know to ask are also appreciated Thanks!
  6. Wow, surprised there hasn’t been more feedback. Is the 6.2l uncommon in these trucks?
  7. Hi Everyone, I recently got a 2016 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 Crew Cab with a 6.2L. I've been searching though the forum trying to find out what best fits what I'm looking for. It's been hard to find 6.2L specific recommendations so I hope this post is ok. As kind of a baseline, this will be my daily driver and I've gotten sick of obnoxious noise or sacrifices in driveability. CAI - I live in the PNW so we get a LOT of rain. Standing water isn't uncommon so I'd like to find something that isn't going to risk hydrolocking the motor. I've been checking out the Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System w/Pro DRY S Filter, and I'm curious what everyone's feedback is on this choice. Exhaust - This is super subjective, but I'm looking to get more performance and a more aggressive tone without getting too loud. The exhaust I've been eyeing is the Corsa 3.5 Inch Sport Single Exhaust System w/ Twin Polished Tips; Side Exit. I've seen people talking about Borla a lot as well. Curious what everyone's opinion is. Catch Can - Honestly haven't done much research on this one, but if anyone has any recommendations, it would be appreciated. More of a general question with the mods I've listed above. This isn't anything crazy, but I'm curious if they would require a new tune or if the engine management system is smart enough to sort out the AFR. Thanks!
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