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  1. A little off topic, but my 2017 says L, not M. Is there a difference? I've never tried shifting into L while moving, so not sure what gear it would shift into
  2. I just got rid of my 2004 Silverado Z71, which I had installed Bilstein 5100 shocks and now own a 2017 Silverado Z71, with the Rancho shocks. I personly feel that the 2017 is a much smoother ride, but the '04 was 13 years older and I had oversize tires, so there's that. That being said, I won't be replacing the Ranchos anytime soom, but when I do, I won't be replacing them with Rancho Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  3. Yes, just use google maps from your your phone and the android/iPhone screen icon. Much better and always up to date
  4. I wasn't paying attention that you said Sierra. Sorry. I guess there are some differences. As Clifford said, mud guards would help. I have that protector piece plus I just added mud guards too
  5. I didn't think the body style was any different between the 1500 and 2500. I wonder why they say it wouldn't fit. I just put my info in (2017 1500) and it says it fits
  6. I'm guessing the only aftermarket, power folding tow mirrors worth buying would be the Boost Auto(which aren't much less than OEM) or the 1Aauto Trail Ridge (https://www.1aauto.com/chevy-gmc-mirror-set-trail-ridge/i/1amrp01786) If I were to buy those Trail Ridge mirrors and your harnesses, would I need to have the mirrors shipped to you first? I'm still holding out for a deal on OEM's, but it's not looking to good (I apparently can't check the For Sale section here until I surpass 50 posts. I have a ways to go)
  7. With the price tag of these trucks, you would hope that they would be a little more reliable. My previous two vehicles which I bought brand new, had a price tag less than I just paid for my used 2017 Silverado and I've never had any major problems with them. I purchased a bumper to bumper, 8 year 100,000 mile extended warranty when I bought my truck last month, only because of some of the problems I've been reading about. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, I hope it's not a major pain in the @$$ gegetting it covered
  8. I've been using the 87 octane tune and was thinking about trying the 93, but now not so sure. I've often wondered about the quality and actual octane of todays garbage gasoline. (Where's the good ol' 100+ octane Sunoco 260 when you need it lol) I haven't sent my log file to Lew yet, only because I was going to try the 93 tune but I guess I'll stick with the 87, at least for now. I know in my area evey station has 87 and 93 (and some 89 and 91) but I really have no idea if one is any better than the other
  9. Yeah, I guess it's really not bad. Truck was built 6/23/17 and sold on 8/29/17 so just under 30,000 miles in just over 2 years. Went into dealer inventory on 9/23/19 with 28,401 and I purchased 10/8/19 with 29,813. I was just going by some of the 2016's I looked at with lower mileage. I will probably do about 5000 a year, if that Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. Yes, you can disable it in the settings of the Infotainment screen
  11. I thought I had already posted a photo, but I guess not. I traded in my tired and rusty old 2004 Silverado and bought this 2017 Double cab Z71. The miles were a little high for a 2017, but certainly not bad at 29,800 (build date 6/23/2017) I wasn't sure I wanted another black truck, but when my wife saw it, she said it was the one. Its not loaded with options, but does have the All Star Edition options package. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and have added a Line-X bed liner, tonneau cover, window tint, mud flaps, catch can, front/rear black bowties, DiaboLEW tune (still working in that 150 miles) and a few smaller things. It's like night and day compared to my 2004, in a good way! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  12. Yes, now that you mention it, I do have a little rust. Appears it's on a weld and in another photo, it looks like something scratched the metal and there is now a band of rust. I giess I was a bit premature saying I didn't have rust
  13. Wow, that sucks. I just checked my 2017 (Silverado) and there is not one speck of any rust. I wonder what could have caused that, especially seeing that you bought it new. Oh, BTW, I have only heated seats, no cooling if that matters
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