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  1. What's the measurements? The back looks way lower.
  2. Thanks for this looking at the same setup
  3. How do you like the Deavers? Do you tow anything?
  4. Hoping for some advice here. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 High Country crew cab standard bed 6.2L 4x4. It has a small spacer lift kit installed by the dealer I bought it from. I'm planning on replacing everything with the BDS 4.5" kit next summer when it's time to get new tires, but in the meantime I need some help in the rear. It has factory leaf springs with a 2.5" block, and years of hauling stuff in the bed has made the leafs sag a bit and the rear sits level with the front. I have a small 20' travel trailer that I pull, and I don't like the back dropping so much when I tow stuff or put sand bags in. My question is, can I put an add-a-leaf in the rear leaf pack and keep the block in there to give it an inch or two of additional lift? Or is that going to cause issues? It would be a temporary fix until I replace the leaf springs next year. Thanks!
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