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  1. With an aftermarket heated seat insert kit, is there a way to connect it to power so if the seat heater is in the on position it will get power when using the remote engine starter? Vehicle is a '15 Sierra 1500.
  2. Came across this thread looking to find out any tips on installing the back panel on these seats. Is it pretty simple to just insert the panel at the top, slide it up and then press the rest of the panel against the back of the seat so the plastic tabs go into place on the frame? Had a local shop install a heated seat kit and a few weeks later the seat back came loose. Found out they used velcro to try and cover up the fact they snapped off most of the plastic tabs. Edit-shop will be replacing the panel at their expense.
  3. My friend installed these spacers with no problems. .
  4. Has anyone bought & installed these $8 2" front leveling spacers from Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/AYNEFY-Self-Leveling-Suspension-Compatible-Silverado/dp/B08B8W8FKH/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=2"+front+leveling+kit+sierra+1500&qid=1598624039&sr=8-1 A friend is looking to do a 2" front level on his '16 Sierra 1500 and we found the ones above as well as several on eBay for $25-35. Any forseeable issues by going with these vs. Motofab or other brands?
  5. Looked up one for my '15 Sierra 1500 and the part # is 23207952. Available on eBay as well as several places on the web. Has anyone replaced one, how much of job is it?
  6. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-silverado-gen3-products/products/14-18-silverado-foglights-always-on-harness They make some good stuff. I have their foglight override harness on my Sierra, works well.
  7. Are you saying that your headlights are not on except when you turn on the headlight switch or set to "auto" and they come on when the sensor senses it is dark enough? I have the Morimoto kit on my SLE and have still have DRL's.
  8. For the HID kit shown on your website, are there any install videos available or an instruction sheet? Curious how this kit is installed. Thanks. https://www.fastheadlights.com/product-p/buy_hid_kit.htm
  9. Have been running the Morimoto Elite kit in my '15 Sierra with no issues for a few years. Added the XBLed fogs also. Now can actually see at night. The kit from Fastheadlights looks to be more simple for an install and if it performs as well or better than the Morimoto kit I'd give it a try.
  10. I would suggest anyone with the gap at the back to seal it up. A small dab of silicone should do the trick. I actually stuck a small piece of foam weatherstrip in the gap on mine before I could have it replaced to avoid taking a chance of more water entering into the truck. I know it doesn't seem to make sense to have that gap in the gasket at all, or to the front but at least if there is any water under the antenna at least it will drain out of the gap in the front unlike with the gap in the rear of the antenna where it would not drain at all.
  11. I was told the cost would be about $350-400 to replace the antenna with a new one. Seeing as my truck was 3 months out of the original 3/36 warranty the dealer charged me $75. (Seems that it is the dealer that assisted me in the price break, not GM.) Seems that GM views this antenna as a trim item and my GM extended warranty doesn't cover trim. It's not a piece of trim! its an antenna GM!! I would suggest to anyone that has a truck within the original 3 year warranty still active and notices that the gap in the gasket for the antenna is on the back side to see about getting it replaced with one that has it in the front towards the windshield because it's not IF it will leak, just a of matter When it starts to leak and cause more issues. Can't imagine what it would cost to replace a water-damaged headliner.
  12. To update that the shop replaced the antenna with a new one, with the gap in the gasket facing forward unlike the way it was originally facing to the rear of the truck. So far no leaks. I looked at several used and new late model Chevrolet & GMC trucks on their lot and some had the gap facing front, some facing rearward. All the new ones went forward as it makes sense to be able to have any water drain down and out!
  13. Found this while researching the leaking OnStar antenna: https://gm.oemdtc.com/4084/15155-customer-satisfaction-program-loss-of-gps-onstar-and-xm-antenna-functions-2015-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc For those who repaired the leak or had it repaired, was there any issue with the antenna in regards to defects other than seal used to keep water from getting through the hole? One dealer says they replace the antenna as they have seen some that have warped, the other says no need to replace the antenna.
  14. For those who have had the leak fixed (roof-mounted antenna) out of warranty, what was the cost?
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