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  1. I have the same issue. The temps have fallen dramatically where I live and this is the only time of year I have this issue. The first 2-3 times I brake in the morning I get squeaking, after that its gone. Come summer time, the issue is nearly gone with some occasional intermittent squeaks. Very odd.
  2. If your looking for a dedicated snow tire with OEM specs, I run the Toyo G3 Ice on OEM High Country wheels(powdercoated black). For whatever reason it wont let me rotate the image and it infuriating.
  3. Agreed, I have an Ultimate now but 80k? I know a Raptor is a different beast but I might be looking. None the less, impressive features.
  4. If you want to retain the OEM 22" tire size, I run the Toyo Observe G3 Ice. Never had a problem and they match OEM size perfectly. Great price too.
  5. I too have the same problem with a 2020 Denali w/6.2. To add to this, if I am sitting somewhere at idle for more then a minute or so, I get intermittent stumbling. I run 93 octane so it shouldn't be the gas.
  6. Anyone install the GMC version and notice the passenger side being out of square with the truck? My drivers side is nice and parallel, my passenger side is EXTREMELY unparallel to the truck. I double checked installation, made sure the mirror was fully extended, I think I might have to exchange it! I know the pavement is uneven in the photo but trust me, its bad.
  7. I have the rev x2, the finish on the side rails is peeling at the ends, the felt on the bottom has fallen off, the cover freezes to the side rails every winter. This is the LAST time I spend $900 on a cover. Also rattles when you drive so I keep my rear window closed. I will just go for something cheaper next time.
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