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  1. Awesome! I didn't know you could get the baby D Max without the towing mirrors, good to know!
  2. I am ordering a Raptor July 18th pending acknowledgment from Ford. Not super clear if the Raptor orders start on that date but my dealership is ready to go with my order once they do! I am not loyal to any truck brand I just wanted something different after 4 GMC's in a row.
  3. I would definitely have to see the price point. Not sure if you have driven the Gen3 raptor but its badass. Both nice trucks, unfortunately the Raptor has huge mark ups. I wonder if the AEV AT4x will experience the same??
  4. Howard, I have a ~5 year old Ipod Touch in my 2020 Sierra Denali and overall it works well. It does have a few annoying quirks once and awhile and I cant tell if its the truck or the Ipod. There are times it freezes and wont play a song so I simply restart the Ipod and it seems to fix the issue. Another problem, again intermittent, where I go to start the truck or have remote started, turned on the ignition and it plays 2-3 seconds of a song extremely loud! It's the weirdest thing, I set the start volume on the truck to zero and it still does it, scares the crap out of me and my passengers. This was never and issue until the truck updated a few months ago. Super annoying!
  5. This picture actually captures what I wanted to see which is the wood trim, speaker grills, badging, floor matts, etc. If your anything like me you will be grabbing for the column shifter a few times if you previously owned a GM truck haha. Does this truck still showcase the exterior "lighting animation" when unlocking? Still not sure what that even means honestly.
  6. Hey! Any shots of the interior? I had ordered an Ultimate but am having second thoughts because I really don't want the autonomous driving, carbon bed, speakers in the bed, and the Vader chrome grill doesn't even match the lower grills(drives me insane why the Vader chrome doesn't apply to every piece on the truck). It would save me some money too for options I don't really want.
  7. This might be a dumb question, does the refresh have any ambient lighting inside? My 2020 has a couple small lights inside the door lever area, just curious if they added anything significant for the new ones?
  8. My personal experience with the 6.2 and different octanes. When I first took ownership(2020), I was not consistent with using a minimum of 91 octane. Unknowingly at the time I was having a really rough idle and some intermittent engine/drivetrain shaking around 200 miles TOTAL on the truck. My truck was at the dealership countless times to diagnose the issue and they basically had no solution for me. I was angry and hated the truck, I even tried to get out of it and the dealership wouldn't take it back. I forget why but I started filling my tank with 91/93 octane consistently every single time and have ever since. All of my issues completely went away and I fell back in love. I am sure the truck adjusted the timing for the lack of octane, but it was extremely noticeable in my case. Hope this helps anyone on the fence!
  9. I have an Ultimate held through GMC at my local dealership and my main draw back with the truck is Supercruise. I don't want it but it's standard with the package. I still have time to decide. My other gripes are Carbon Pro Bed(cool but I don't need it), Vader Chrome Grill(love it but why doesn't the lower grill match it), and no Panoramic sunroof...like wtf? I am searching for a Limited F150 to check out as well. RAM limited is amazing but I cant bring myself to buy a RAM.
  10. I have the same issue. The temps have fallen dramatically where I live and this is the only time of year I have this issue. The first 2-3 times I brake in the morning I get squeaking, after that its gone. Come summer time, the issue is nearly gone with some occasional intermittent squeaks. Very odd.
  11. If your looking for a dedicated snow tire with OEM specs, I run the Toyo G3 Ice on OEM High Country wheels(powdercoated black). For whatever reason it wont let me rotate the image and it infuriating.
  12. Agreed, I have an Ultimate now but 80k? I know a Raptor is a different beast but I might be looking. None the less, impressive features.
  13. If you want to retain the OEM 22" tire size, I run the Toyo Observe G3 Ice. Never had a problem and they match OEM size perfectly. Great price too.
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