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  1. Nope- It was pretty easy to run wiring for my RC light bar in the grill though
  2. I'd pass. Just use CarPlay/Android Auto and project Google Maps. For free
  3. I recall its due to the chip shortage. And it's one of those where it's welcomed to be not equipped with
  4. That's strange. I'll have to take a look at that today. I usually cruise control at 75 or 80mph anyway.
  5. Ironically, I parked in a restaurant parking lot the other day. Parked next to a regular Silver ado (2019+) and due to my upgraded shocks, and leveled out look It was a noticeable difference next to each other. Being a tall person, I can see over the hood even before the mod.
  6. What did you notice that was different from changing out the fluid?
  7. I drive a ton of miles in this truck (25k per year nowadays), I usually let the truck idle for about a minute before moving. I've done that with pretty much every car/truck I've ever owned. I do sometimes feel like the transmission is confused in first gear, when idle. I do feel a slight rumble in the cab, I think that is due to the truck trying to do cyl deactivation. I've never seen a CEL on, so there is no point in paying for the Dealership to look at it. (Ironically, turning it off and on again disappears that) I've thought about doing a automatic transmission fluid flush when I see about 50k miles. Not sure the dealership costs, but if it's within reason I'll do it due to driving it so often. I keep referring to the manual, but it doesn't look like much needs to be done until the spark-plugs.
  8. Forgot to post a day time picture. Using bilstein 5100s the front is pretty much level with the back. ( I sold the cap)
  9. Yes I've driven the latest raptor, just wanted to test drive. It's too expensive for my hard earned dollar, but that's the only Ford I'd own lets be honest . Chances are likely that they will see markups. Locally, I haven't seen any brand new trucks go over MSRP.
  10. Sure sometimes it hard shifts from 1 to 2 but it doesn't bother me. Once it's warmed up it's solid. I've actually noticed it stop "hard" shifting when I got bigger heavier tires. Lol
  11. I almost pulled the trigger on a $65,000 Sierra Elevation, but the price difference monthly was a lot more than my current. So I decided to take that difference, and build out my current 20'. I wish one day these prices would be a little more affordable. I'm seeing rates starting to fly on Loans (5-6%)
  12. 20' 2.7T with the 8 speed here. No problems. I have a lift and slightly big tires handles it really well.
  13. Wow looks great! I'd definitely side this over a Raptor.
  14. Falken Wildpeaks AT3/W; Old tires were Good Year Wrangler SR-As, and these are only slightly more loud. It's noticeable, but not unbearable. I'm looking forward to testing them in the snow, in a few months.
  15. Just wanted to thank everyone! I went with the bilsteins and new tires. And it rides great and looks amazing. The extra lift in the front makes a huge difference. Thank god this actually feels like a truck now!
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