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  1. Fort Wayne, Indiana Silao, Mexico If VIN starts with 1 it's US if 3 Mexico.
  2. Glad to see they are making it right. Did they say If it was still a 22? Was under the impression 22 production ends in June and 23 begins in July. Could be wrong though...
  3. Not sure that I really trust all of the stated heights on these parking structures. Especially older ones. Went on vacation and the hotel in Galveston had one. It had headache bar with the stated height for the structure, and we had to park a 6 seater golf cart with bigger tires we rented inside due to flooding during a storm. The slanted roof on that thing went in just fine under the height bar, but hit pretty severely the fire sprinkler pipes that hanged lower than the beams. After realizing I was able to avoid them. Guessing the height was for the beams, and not the sprinklers too. I get it wasn't intended for a golf cart in there, but just made me not trust the heights after that. Even saw a few stock AT4s pull in (thankfully slowly), but was still cringe to watch.
  4. The GMC Dealership I ordered from now has jumped up to 20 refreshed Sierras in their inventory from just less than a handful since the start. Out of all of them only 1 was US assembled which I found interesting. The other 19 all Mexico. Wondering if some kind of transport or production issue as the US 1 had been stuck "in transit" for a month. The US production started later than Mexico, but seems like there would be more out there by now.
  5. Nice! Thanks for the expertise. Seems like they didn't give a lot of room for error with these for a right fit.
  6. Any update on these? Plenty of red flags on here, but just curious if they've made any changes if still selling them the as a GM Accesory. Noticed they removed mention of "by REV" and now it's just "Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover".
  7. I would check your maintenance schedule. Mine showed this once it was reaching 15k miles. The maintenance at that point and (probably others) was to check all those system mentioned as a normal process. After the Dealer visit, it's no longer showing. Like others said they did an update to that part of app recently. I was concerned as well when it showed that, but makes more sense now.
  8. Wow! Well if it had to go a direction I'm glad it's way sooner. Perhaps mine will get moved up.
  9. Yeah true. I did see this on the Order Guide though. Makes me wonder if some secretive unannounced change coming they don't want on the Guide yet.
  10. Yeah I thought the same. Wondering if it's specific to AT4X and Denali Ultimate. If June is the cut off, and that's the last week, wonder if they are expecting it to be pushed to a 23.
  11. Update on the AT4X I ordered. Accepted: 5/5 TPW: 6/27 Dealer estimates late July to early August delivery. Dealer is no Deposit required, No markup, and will honor Supplier Discount. Worried how close this is to 23 Production though.
  12. Technically I ordered my Sierra in late March, but it wasn't accepted for production until last week. So I'll probably be at similar milestones.
  13. Yeah I was surprised to get anything at all. Never did with past order. Guessing it's because it was a Reservation.
  14. Ha thanks. Guess should of been more specific . Wondering what my TPW will be since all it gave was order #.
  15. Not what OP asked for, but also from the Order Guide too for 2023 on the Sierra I noticed this line about the AT4X. Seems like they are hiding a change they don't want out there yet. Just speculation though... There was another prototype seen about with a ZR2 style front.
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