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  1. Had the "Sierra" Badge removed same day I got my refresh and added the Putco blade light. Like the cleaner look without the badge. Looks black but it's Titanium Rush.
  2. Previously posted mine, but had this side by side of my next to AT4. Titanium Rush next to Dark Sky I believe. Removed the "Sierra" from the Tailgate and added Putco blade light.
  3. I have an AT4X now and from day 1 the top glove box won't open. The button appears to work, but the door is catching on something. It can pulled open with force. The AT4, AT4X, Denali, and Denali Ultimate have a different interior than other trims and also Chevy. Checked a few on the Dealer lot that arrived same time as mine and ALL of them I saw wouldn't open either. Just the ones with the non higher trim interior opened. So FYI to check it before you buy!
  4. Finally got my 22 Titanium Rush AT4X. Supposed to of had black GMCs too but they are unable to be ordered currently Also the got the wrong Borla Exaust not for the AT4X/ZR2 so will be going back once they get it.
  5. This applies to the Chevy Traverse, but as far as I recall this is the first retrofit. Good sign hopefully for the rest. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/08/2022-chevy-traverse-heated-seat-retrofits-now-under-way/
  6. Now that I got my VIN for my AT4X hopefully showing up any day now, I used it on the GM Accesory site instead of just picking the model. For whatever reason, when I specifically used the VIN different parts I've never seen before started showing up. New (to me?) Is this Factory "off-road" steel driveshaft as an accessory. Doesn't show up any other way I've found, just when using the VIN. Designed and engineered specifically for your short wheelbase (SWB) 4WD truck Helps to resist impact damage from off-road debris Allows increased clearance over obstacles during extreme off-road and rock crawling events Compact 3 1/2-inch diameter allows for excellent obstacle clearance Steel tube construction and 1350 series U-Joints provide added strength Installation by an authorized dealer is recommended Includes steel drive shaft and all required fasteners
  7. His has the 20 inch wheels, which dont include the Duratracs that the 18s do. They have All Terrains where the Duratracs are Mud Terrains. The tires seem to be the deciding factor. I'm sure it has to do with wearing down the more aggressive tread of the Duratracs too easily with "Sport" driving. Not that it stops anyone.
  8. Got email on Monday from GMC that my 22 AT4X ordered early March that had TPW of 6/20 but changed to 6/27 had finally been built. Crazy how long it's been at this point. Hopefully will get it soon. All AT4Xs are built in Mexico for whatever reason, being in Texas hopefully it's not too far out.
  9. Yeah they were standard on mine. Could of managed without. They extend backwards to the bed to help get to it as well as the normal step. The button is kinda multipurpose. Hold disables them, one push extends them, and another has them go backwards towards the bed. Mainly just use the button to extend them at carwashs since they usually sit covered. Considering all that button did, can see why they just moved it to the screen for the boards on the Refresh.
  10. My 20 Denail doesn't have it. But this is due to the buttons taking its place are the Hill Decent, and Running Boards buttons. Pretty sure it's just a filler feature that gets removed if something more important goes there. (Ex ZR2 and AT4X Lockers) Noticed on the Refresh the Running Boards and Power Outlet buttons were removed (Boards to screen and Outlets always on now). So now either the Lockers go there, or you get the window roll down as a filler instead of blank buttons.
  11. Seems like what everyone wanted the AT4X to be, except for the Diesel. Interestingly it says the regular 23 AT4X is being changed to get the front bumper, boron skid plate, and 33 Tires from the AEV. But not the rear bumper and other skid plates. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/07/here-is-the-2023-gmc-sierra-at4x-aev-edition/
  12. The Carbon Pros don't get the wheelhouse liners from what I recall.
  13. I can't find it now. But starting with the 21(?)s Sport Mode was removed from any Off Road trim because of the tires. It was in the fine print when researching a AT4X on the GMC site.
  14. Have been reading up on this as my order was placed in March. Lots of people mentioning Dealers not honoring the Price Protection price at purchase. So is this more of a misunderstanding on the process in which it's a refund AFTER purchase by GM instead of a rollback on price AT purchase? I had asked my Dealer about how it works back when it was announced, but they were unsure at the time.
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