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  1. My wife's new truck

    She's a damn good driver. I told her to stop being so paranoid when she drives it and to pay attention to the parking assist features and she'll be fine. She's started backing it into our driveway and this is the FIRST vehicle she's done it with, with confidence. what can i say, she's a 4'11" redneck girl from Bryan, Texas...
  2. My wife's new truck

    sidenote: got it tinted yesterday. did SunTek CXP 35% front and 18% rear over the privacy glass.
  3. My wife's new truck

    I also have a clapped out 1997 wrangler that scares the hell out of me to drive it's so sketchy. I should probably sell it.
  4. My wife's new truck

    2014 focus st st3
  5. Traded in her 2015 Durango R/T for a 2017 Silverado LTZ Z71 demo truck. got a hell of a deal on it too. We drove 3 hours to check out a diesel canyon, but ended up with this instead:

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