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  1. Had to use a full quart in the back diff and it put me about a half inch below the fill hole.I can't believe they think it's acceptable
  2. The first one is ny friends Cheyenne Red tintcoat then his sons Siren Red and my 22 Cherry red tintcoat.It is hard to see in the picture but they are very different shades in the sun light
  3. Thanks for the info I'll have to check mine ,by the way is filled about half inch down from the plug ?
  4. My 2001 Astro van was unibody,it was a 4.3 with a 4l60e that I had to replace at 110k.It towed my pop up great but no way I would have towed a 24ft travel trailer with it.
  5. I'm 52 and remember going to the drive in with my dad back in the eightes,some places had the speaker that went on the window . They are all gone now and the closest one for me is 2 hours away..but I do miss it
  6. My 21 CCSB Custom 2500hd gas had around 3480 of payload and my 22 CCSB LT 2500hd has around the same as far as payload. I wanted a 3500hd for the extra 600lb ish of payload but it was really hard to find my 2500hd and I couldn't find a 3500hd that had what I wanted.
  7. My 2021 CCSB Custom had the 20s with the snow plow prep and my 2022 CCSB LT has the 18s with the camper spring package and Ranchos, the ride difference is night and day between them.I don't notice any difference between factory or Ranchos shocks but the ride is so much better in my LT
  8. My GCVW of my 2500hd is 24,000 and I don't ever see my truck up at that weight but it's nice to hear that 6.6 doing ok that heavy. I hate to compare it to my old 6.0 but man it pulls and tows so much better
  9. My last tow vehicle was a 2001 suburban 2wd 2500 that I used for 14 years but when it snowed it stayed in the driveway.I did have an AWD that my wife drove but I would never go without 4wd again living in the Northeast.
  10. Sounds like a great deal, I live in the Northeast and had to go out of state.I wound up getting almost 6k of my 22 LT 2500hd it was sitting on the lot but had 90% of what I would have ordered.
  11. Looks just as good as my factory leather..very nice color
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