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  1. I've had the Bakflip Revolver X4 on a couple trucks so far, love it. Keeps everything clean and dry, rolls up out of the way while still leaving plenty of visibility in the rear window. Pulls off the truck completely in only a few minutes. Overall, very satisfied. I do live in a cold climate, so the one negative is that in freezing temps, with precipitation, the cover won't want to roll up sometimes. If there is any sun at all, or you leave your ride in the garage at night, shouldn't be a huge issue.
  2. My preference has always been the spray in, for similar reasons to what newdude mentioned above (but it's all on your preference). I just bought a new 2023 2500HD a couple weeks back, it didn't have a liner so I had the dealer spray one in this week. Was a one day job, looks just like factory, was $625 out the door.
  3. That's terrible man, I feel for you. I luckily haven't had any issues with my engine yet (2022 High Country refresh in 5.3L). Engine seems to be doing well...at just over 10k now, going strong. I have had an odd error once or twice where it won't start because it says the transmission is not in the correct position to start (but it's in park). Seems like when you shut it off and turn it back on, it goes away (just an FYI). Keep us posted. Would love to see what the interior on that beast looks like...I loved the look of the brown leather of the Denali in the GM pics, but couldn't find any available locally! Good luck!
  4. The roads are no joke! From razor sharp shale and slate to washouts, deep water, massive potholes, etc etc, they are rough on the equipment! I'm from Maine, and we go up north (North of Moosehead Lake) every year for either bird or moose hunting (if someone draws a permit). We always go prepared, so we've never had an issue. But man, you should see the junk some people drive up on those roads! My 2019 Silverado 1500 LTZ hauled my last moose out just fine...4 hours out from any tar road, power or cell signal!
  5. Thanks! Yeah I've had a number of Z71's in the past, so I know the majority of the "package" is fluff (I mean, it's only like $200 extra). I don't need the decent control, and the Rancho's aren't anything special. My larger concern, because I do go places where the road is washed out, or tire tracks are cut out pretty low and the transfer case and oil pan can/do make contact with the ground (and/or there are a ton of sticks and crap that poke up from the ground). I wish they had a gas tank plate too, as she's pretty exposed as well. Those old logging roads up in northern Maine are ROUGH. I think I'll go ahead and try to order that ZR2 package. I assume I can just visit the dealer and put that bad oscar on order? Appreciate the help!
  6. I know this is the forum for the 19-21 models, but I don't believe there is one yet specifically for the new 22's. I bought a 2022 Silverado 1500 High Country several months back. As you all know, it's almost impossible to find exactly what you are looking for on a lot these days, and ordering can take a ton of time (if you find a dealer with allocation). I always get a truck with the Z71 package, mainly because I do go offroad in Northern Maine for hunting every year, and the skid plates are a must for that terrain. This particular High Country DID NOT come with the Z71 package, unfortunately. I've got a moose hunt coming up in a month or so up in Maine, and I'd like to buy and install the skid plates that would come with the Z71 package, but can find little to no information on part numbers for the plates, etc. I'm not even 100% certain I can add them, as I don't know if the bolt arrangements on the undercarriage of the High Country are pre-drilled to accept these plates or if the Z71 trucks have additional anchor points drilled out at the factory. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. So, your SI worked! Boom, cleared DTCs, all systems are functioning as they should. Test drove it 20 miles day and night, everything works! Thanks so much! Admittedly I had already pulled the fuses I could find relating to camera and radar systems, but didn’t realize there was a third fuse panel on the passenger side ! So now I’m certainly questioning how “hard” my dealer really tries to remedy this issue. On to a new dealer for service and sales im the future I suppose! Again though, thanks so much NewDude!!!! You rock, appreciate the help!
  8. I greatly appreciate the help! I’ll for sure give your correction PI a shot! Couldn’t hurt. Obviously I’m not a GM Tech, but my thought process aligned with yours in that the fact none of this occurred immediately following install of the lift, so it “shouldn’t” be the lift causing it. Again, appreciate the help. Will post once I’ve tried the correction this weekend. Thanks!
  9. No, I did not recal the speedo. It's a couple MPH off at higher speeds. I didn't recal, because I didn't want to mess with the OEM electrical systems or setups. See attached. Found the list of codes for the failed units from the dealership. 23 total DTCs... I can see that many relate to the camera system(s), BUT most reference outright lost communication with the PCUs... SilveradoDTCcodes.pdf
  10. Thanks for the response. Oh I get it, they need to document the aftermarket parts, because I do understand that some certainly will impact their equipment and I get the liability they are trying to avoid with that. But, to your point they've offered no actual evidence that the lift is the cause - more of a recommendation/opinion. The truck does have ARC, the kit comes with adapter brackets that maintain the OEM telemetry on the sensors. So, unless RC completely screwed the pooch on that design, I'd imagine that the ARC itself wouldn't be the cause - but, I could see the height difference maybe causing issues with the cameras. The kit is a lift and level - 3.5" front, 2.5" rear to leave some rake. They did give me a printout of the codes they were seeing. I'll have to dig that out and share it. Do you think that if I asked them to apply the Trailboss or factory 2" lift recalibration, that would possibly work (if this is the lift kit that is causing this)? Not the same height, but I'd think it'd fall pretty close within its tolerances... Tires are 285/75R18...so about 35" vs the factory 32.5"-33". So, all told, I may be sitting about 1.5"-2" taller than a TrailBoss...not a ton, but it is different.
  11. I agree, that was kind of my point. If this was the lift affecting the telemetry of the camera in the front, how does that cause outright failure of 20+ systems - doesn't even make sense. That's why I'm thinking a short or chaff somewhere. Or yeah, TERRIBLE design!
  12. Tyler, Thanks for taking to the time to review/respond, I appreciate that. It's a 3.5" front lift, 2.5" rear, still leaves about 1" of rake to the front end. Made by RC specifically for trucks with the ARC systems. Aside from their direct feedback on the phone, I've looked at their reviews from folks with Denalis and AT4's, same trucks essentially, zero impact to other truck systems. I'd think that if people had issues with needing to recalibrate the systems with this small of a lift, they'd have made mention in their reviews. To be honest, I keep things pretty modest with regards to lifts - and it's only because I do actually go offroad come hunting season in northern Maine, so I do need the clearance. If there were known issues or a need to recalibrate, I wouldn't have done it. I understand engineering, practical applications across many disciplines and industries to include Naval with tons of radar/telemetry, PLCs, sensors, etc etc - automotive engineering is not on any level above what I know from the others. What I meant was that while yes, I can see that a variation in height may have impact on the effectiveness and accuracy of those systems, outright failure of them doesn't make any practical sense (can't reset, can't reprogram, not even giving a signal, etc). Looking through the forums with Intellibeam and collision alert sensors, I've seen a lot of 2019-2021s that have had similar issues and while some dealers threw their hands up, others stuck with it and found that a number of resets were needed or there was chaffing in a harness somewhere from the factory (none of the ones I saw made mention they had lifts). So while I firmly believe anything is possible (I guess it "could" be the lift), the evidence doesn't point that direction based on multiple sources of info - that's why I felt the dealership was somewhat giving me a "cop-out" response by defaulting to the ol' "it's the lift" argument.
  13. Hello. New to this site. I bought a brand new (refreshed design) 2022 Silverado 1500 High Country back in May. The truck had adaptive ride control, and I wanted to put a lift kit on it, so I selected one specifically made by Rough Country for the 2022 1500 with adaptive ride control. I had the kit installed at around 400 miles. NO ISSUES for 2500 miles. Around 2500 miles, my Intellibeam and Forward Collison Alert Sensors stopped working while I was driving down the highway. I brought the truck into my dealer to diagnose the issue. They told me that there were like 20+ of the 30+ CPUs on the truck were failing it is all because of my lift kit…??? So they could offer no solution. I’m no GM tech, but I am an engineer, and to me this makes zero sense to me. The lift kit has zero electrical interfaces. It comes with brackets to adjust the ARC sensors to the needed geometry, the fact that the “lift kit” could cause failure of 20+ systems in the truck makes no sense. The guy even told me that the TPMS sensors will not program now either, and it’s all because of my lift kit. does anyone have any experiences with this? It seems like a cop-out to me to just say it’s because of the lift kit. In my option, something else is clearly going on. I did call Rough Country to ask if any other person had experienced similar issues, and they told me that they’ve been selling the kit for over a year (over a thousand of them) and I’m the only person that has called with this issue… thanks in advance for any help!
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