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  1. Hey folks I just purchased my 1st Duramax. (2021 3500 Denali) Not new to diesels but new to the Duramax. Where can I find some details, drawings, etc. that will show me the lay out and systems on these engines. I pretty much got my old 6.0 powerstroke down but not this one yet. Just want to know the basics about the engine is all I'm looking for. Hate looking under the hood and not thoroughly knowing what I'm looking at. Id like to know things like intake paths as well as coolant and oil paths. Things like where the oil pump is located in the block etc. Not that I'm gonna be wrenching on it I
  2. Without having read all 10 pages...is there an aftermarket camera available that will plug directly to the system or is GM the only source thus far? I'm really not too concerned with the invisible view. I just want to see behind my camper. While driving, if you switch to the rear camera view will it stay on your display or is it only on the 10sec timer like the other camera views? I'd love to have that view visible constantly while towing like a rear view mirror. Wonder if anyone has wired their trailer camera to the tailgate camera so it shows in the electronic rear view mirror?
  3. Yes it has lane departure warning. I got that figured out. Just would have thought they would have included both as opposed to just one. Hadn't thought about being a HD vehicle. That may be the reason it doesn't have either.
  4. Just bought a 2021 3500 Denali and with all the bells and whistles on this thing, it appears to not have lane keep assist or adaptive cruise control. Am I correct or am I missing something? It seems odd that GM would included so many driver assistant features but leave these two out.
  5. Guess I got lucky. Found this sitting on a lot last Sunday and Wednesday I brought it home.
  6. Hey folks just bought a 21 Denali 3500. I have owned a diesel before but never one that uses DEF. I happen to be in the local NAPA today and noticed a display of DEF on sale so I got to looking around at it. Is there a difference from brand to brand? Reason I asked is Napa brand is on sale for $8.99 for a 2 1/2 gal jug. Right beside that on the shelf was Blue Def Platinum and that was right at $25 for the same size jug? Am I correct to think it’s similar to engine oil in that everyone has their favorite for their own reasons but it all basically the same??
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