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  1. Just finished our big summer trip from Seattle area to redwoods, San Francisco, Sequoia, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and Crater Lake. Averaged 9.8 for the trip pulling a 7800 travel trailer. Lots of elevation and switchbacks seemed to impact the mileage. Truck towed great.
  2. I just miss the temperature when using CarPlay. Why can’t they add the temperature to the Home Screen on the gauge cluster screen?
  3. Cheapest I found the camera was at ShopChevyparts for $356. They have a new customer discount too.
  4. Thank you. I ordered some 3m tape to try myself so your feedback makes me feel me feel better about the use. I was thinking about a smaller diameter self tapping screw in addition to the tape but really would like to avoid holes in the back trailer wall. I plan to run my cables underneath too.
  5. Has anyone tried to mount the camera with adhesive tape instead of putting holes in the back of your trailer? Curious if it will hold with the rough ride of a travel trailer? I’m going to install my camera this weekend.
  6. I ordered a 8’ bakflip g2 from Autoanything.com They said a 30 day lead time for it to be built and then it shipped and arrived within 12 days directly from the factory. Great covers and mine fit the same as the others in this thread.
  7. I ended up ordering one from shop Chevy parts after a few days of not getting a response. Many thanks for the offer though.
  8. I agree 100%. From someone coming from a 15’ LT to a Denali. Get what you know you want! Don’t settle when spending this amount of cash.
  9. Great looking truck. I’ve always liked the look of the regular cab long beds. What wheel and tire setup are you running?
  10. Sweet truck and camper! I agree, the first tow was such a difference from my 2015. The 10 speed was so smooth and I really liked the turn signal camera view down the trailer blind spot.
  11. I’m liking the bed cover, it offers great flexibility in use and can fold all the way up to the rear window. It’s a Bakflip G2. I went with it over their MX4 model since I wanted the gloss look on the panels to match the gloss wheels and the shine on the truck. I went with 18% ceramic tint on the front to match the back too. Keep this up to date if you pull the trigger. It’s tough to find pictures of the long beds.
  12. Thanks for the compliment. I’m loving the new model. They are fixing a small transit scratch for me today and loaned me a 16’ and it made me miss my new truck quickly. I’m running 295/65/20 ridge grapplers. No rubbing issues. My buddy just put the same size/tires on his too.
  13. While mine isn’t leveled, I went from a 15’ short bed 3500 to a 21’ long bed 3500. I would say the ride is smoother unloaded but especially with the trailer hooked up, that could be due to the new configuration improvements too though. I love the extra space in the box and personally feel the long box is more proportional to the cab which gives it a better look. And it’s only 15”-16” longer overall in the new configuration I believe. I need to get some better photos but a few are below.
  14. Anyone have a GM Invisible Trailer camera they want to sell? Part # 84946379
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