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  1. not sure, but here is the link to them on eeebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194095360778
  2. So I have a 2021 AT4 2500HD, I am at close to 4k miles and my brakes are also squealing coming to a stop at slow speed. it is quite loud too. I will be taking it in soon to see what my local dealership says. Also an unrelated sound is when I turn the wheel all the way to one side or the other it will whine like the power steering fluid is low. Checked it and it is full, but still makes the whining sound at full lock when turning.
  3. Yes, when I went in for my first oil change I mentioned it to them. The tech told me that a lot of the new trucks come from the factory with the sensors dirty as heII. So he said they will look at it and clean them really good and that should fix it. It didn't fix it. it doesn't happen often, but it still won't deploy right on the passenger side sometimes. maybe my wife whips the door open to fast. hahaha! Who knows!
  4. So you ordered your truck in that color sight unseen!!?? Wow, you are a brave man! I am anxious to hear what your thoughts are on it when you get it and see it for the first time.
  5. Maybe I need to hook it back up and just go all in on the Android Auto features. I would always just use my phone GPS in the past anyway, but I was actually very impressed with the built in mapping on the 2021 compared to my older one. The new built in GPS works so much better for searching for addresses and the level of detail on the map is a ton better too. it also shows features in 3D on the map and has exit sign pop ups and things that are really nice. It is cool when you get to an exit with an overpass, the 3D map will actually show the bridge features and things pretty accurately. Maybe I just use AA and use Wayze for my maps for the cool features. As you can tell, I kinda like the techy stuff
  6. I have a trifold hardtop and it will fold all the say up to the cab and is supported by two metal arms to keep it upright against the cab and out of the way. It locks nicely and stays completely dry so far in hard rain or a car wash. It is sturdy enough for me to stand on as well if I had to. It is been an outstanding cover. I got it new off of eBay for $650. Well worth it!
  7. I just wish I could use a couple features from Android Auto (AA) (or CarPlay(CP)) and not have it be all or nothing. For example, I like the built in nav and would rather use it instead of on my phone. I would like my texts to be read aloud and displayed from my phone. I can't have both of those happen at the same time. it is either I am using ALL AA or CP features or none. Would be nice to be able to pick and choose.
  8. Android Auto will do this too, but in my 2015 this was built into the system and didn't require a carplay or android auto connection. This is a step backwrads in IMO
  9. Just curious who out there uses Android Auto or CarPlay and what your thoughts are on all the features and ease of use. When I first got my truck I had it enabled and it drove me crazy so I shut it off. I will admit I didn't customize or set anything up specific to my liking, I just used it :out of the box" as they say. I REALLY miss the feature on my 2015 that would notify me of texts and read them aloud to me. That is no longer a built in feature anymore (bad choice GM), and the only way I can get that back is to use Android Auto (or so I was told). Any good set up advise or other comments on using it from others would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Well, did it work after you tried holding the remote button down? I may have to change that setting on mine too. Will they auto deploy when the truck it unlocked or started? Or do you have to press and hold the remote or press the button on the door to make them fold back out?
  11. For what its worth. I have the power running boards on my AT4 installed from the factory and mine act up from time to time. They work for the most part, but sometimes they won't deploy properly when I open the door to get in or out. I just close the door and reopen it and then they deploy. No biggie, but just an annoyance for something that I paid so much for. They should deploy correct every time not just "most" of the time.
  12. Well that sucks! I had that feature on my 2015 and really liked it. I was wondering if I was missing something in the settings to get it to work like my old truck, but I guess not. Stupid they would regress and remove such a great feature. I can't stand using Android Auto or Carplay, it tries to take over too much which I don't like. Plus keeps defaulting to my phone navigation and doesn't play music how I like when it is connected. Oh well, I guess it's a small gripe since I really like everything else about the truck.
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