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  1. I have a 2021 3500 AT4. My audio has cut out twice in the couple months I’ve owned it. No matter what source is selected. Infotainment center still functioned normal both times. I took it to the GMC dealer in Anchorage about three weeks ago because they said there was a recall for it. They did the recall and I’ve had no issues since.
  2. I have the camera on my camper. I’ve never had the issues you are having and it seems like you have tried a lot. If I remember correctly, there are blue o-rings on the camera connector. You might try removing them and seeing if it connects and disconnects easier. If it does, you have found your friction source. Maybe order new o-rings from GMC and lube them up and install them and see if it helps. Hope this helps some.
  3. That’s a nice truck. Is the interior the same as the 2021’s or is it redesigned?
  4. HiggySTL, I completely agree. Have you talked with any dealers about it?
  5. They were factory ordered parts. I followed the service bulletins and the write up in this forum. I never hooked anything up to the switches. I just wanted them working in case I bought something to hook up to them. After the running boards started messing up, I removed the whole upfitter harness and junction box to see if the problem would go away. It did not unfortunately.
  6. I live on a remote island in Alaska and there is no dealership here. I took it to a local shop today and they pulled the body control module codes. The codes are B051C 62, B051D 62, B051C 63, and B051D 63. They all have to do with the Assist Step Control Module. Unfortunately GMC will not pay to have my truck shipped to the stealership. Its about $2000 round trip to take it to Anchorage where I purchased the truck.
  7. I’m having this issue on my 2021 3500 AT4. I just installed the upfitter switches on mine since GMC wouldn’t. Now my steps are intermittent. Did you have any luck finding out why they aren’t working correctly?
  8. Hey guys, I picked up my 2021 GMC 3500 AT4 last week. Today I wired up my upfitter switches. Now my power running boards do not work correctly. Anyone have this issue?
  9. GM changed their military discount starting May 1st. They dropped it to $500 flat rate. I bought my 2021 3500 AT4 on 4/30 and the dealership said I got lucky. My discount was $5500 off. If I would have purchased on 5/1, I would have lost out on $5000 in discounts. It stinks they changed it, but unfortunately right now they can’t keep inventory on the lots.
  10. I replaced mine with LED’s from Walmart. I would guess they are Sylvania bulbs as well. I don’t have any issues with mine. They look great.
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