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  1. What did this sound like? At 1000 miles my 2500 Sierra began to develop a rattle under the steering wheel near my knees somewhere. Sounds like a quarter or a bean in a tin can. Rattles from start up to about 20 MPH, then it either goes away or the other noises of operation cover up the rattle. Is this stuff covered under warranty? I only have 3500 miles on the truck
  2. What's your thoughts on GM's extended warranties. We never buy new and this will be our first vehicle purchase since 2009. Are the extensions worth the money? Is it a crap shoot? Seems like if you drop 50K on a truck things should be good for awhile. Just haven't drove anything new for a long time and really don't know what the most buyers choose to do.
  3. Finalized papers yesterday. Seems there was a date, May 5 or 6th, where the incentive changed. My dealer honored the full discount however since I had registered prior to that date, so kuddos to them and lucky for me. Ultimately we got $3100 off MSRP with FR discount and a couple of other small ones. Feel fortunate since the other dealers are marking them up 5K and 10K above MSP, yikes. Now just waiting for the truck to actually show up!
  4. Think I know the answer but is anyone got this in the last couple weeks. We put money down on a Sierra 2500 in March and they pushed this discount to me, just have to wait until the truck arrives and it will apply they told me. Well it looks like now they might have done away with it? Truck is supposed to be here in 2 weeks and it seems like we lost out on a $2000 price break. Any get the 1st responder discount recently?
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