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  1. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    What lift would you recommend? 6 inch isn't going to fit in my garage.
  2. Thanks so much for the information. I'm gonna see what I can do with the truck I'm looking at, might save another couple grand.
  3. Awesome deal. What kind of strategy did you use? I'm looking to purchase an SLT this week.
  4. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    Hey everyone, sorry to bring up an old topic but I was wanting to get some opinions on a Fabtech 3.5 inch kit for the 19 Sierra. I want to be able to run 35s but didn't want to go with the 6 inch lift. Will the tires fit with minor trimming/rubbing? I'm going to run just like factory with no spacing/offset. Should I consider a different lift?
  5. I cant find the information online but was wondering how the 6.2 with the 10 speed and 3.42 would run with 35 inch tires vs the 5.3 3.23 gears and 8 speed ? I dont really do any heavy towing but how would it be with daily driving, mpg, etc.? Are the 3.42 standard with the 6.2 engine?
  6. Do you mind telling me where this deal was at ? Best I've negotiated so far for same truck is 49300 so about 10k off MSRP.
  7. 5.3L with 35 inch tires?

    The new trucks come with the 3.23 axle ratio.
  8. Anyone running a 5.3L 8 - speed transmission with 35 inch tires? Just wondering how the transmission operates with the taller tire height? I know the speedometer will be off but how about towing capacity and MPG? Any numbers you could share with me? The tires/wheels that come stock on the 4WD model just don't look big enough for the truck.
  9. Another question, would I need to change the gears if I decide on a 35 inch tire? What kind of rpm are you running at 75mph?
  10. I dont really understand the spacer. I want to go with a tire/wheel combo that keeps the tire tucked level with the truck. I believe I need to look for a certain offset wheel like +18 or +20. Does this sound right ?
  11. Thanks, I didnt know the tires would be so tight with a 3.5 inch lift. So if I'm thinking of a lower lift I might need to go with 33s.
  12. I'm looking to purchase a 2019 Sierra in the next few weeks. Trying to decide what lift/tire combo I want to put on the truck. This will be my first 4wd truck so I'm not going to lift it too high or go too aggressive with the tire. My thoughts are either the 2.5 inch lift with 33s or 3.5 inch lift with 35s. What is everyone's thoughts on this, any pics you can show me of trucks with this lift/tire combo? Will there be a big difference in ride quality, mpg, or loss of power going from the 33s to the 35s?

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