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  1. Got it. Although there are offline maps available for such circumstance on phone navigation, I understand your reasoning.
  2. Sounds like some loyal brand buyers are really not brand loyal. Toyota has had numerous quality issues as they have grown in volume just the same as other large manufacturers. Sludging 4 cyl . Camry's in the late 90's come to mind along with rotting franes on tacomas in the mid 2000's. I guess the Tundra with its well below average fuel efficiency and dated design is and should be reliable since it has not changed in a decade and a half.
  3. Just curious why you wanted factory navigation, when android auto/apple continiously update, provide real time traffic, speed traps, and much more and you don't have to do anything but plug in your phone?
  4. I got more than that with my old 16' 6l. Is it in drive?? JUST KIDDING!! It does sound like a driving style issue though or a driveability issue with truck. I have never heard of anyone with any make or model diesel get 13 mpg on hwy at normal speeds.
  5. I guess the best way to respond to the last post is, in an effort to make sure an all new/redesign vehicle is as reliable as possible right out of the gate, it makes sense to stick to some tried , tested, and proven components at first. Likely too many variables/ potential failure points. Marketing also always plays a part and in order to add features in the coming models. I.e. 10 speed, additional axle ratios, active cruise, et. al. you can't and probably shouldn't throw it all out there the first year of a major redesign.
  6. I get 16 to 17 mpg at 70 mph depending on terrain . Which is 1 to 1.5 mpg better than 2016 6L I previously owned.
  7. Towed on 2 trips for a total of approx. 3200 miles. I have averaged about 9.4mpg in the midwest and southeast including some mountain towing. It is a noticeable improvement in power and mpg over my 16' 2500 6L. I wish it would have offered the 4:10 gearset then it would have been near perfect.
  8. If your gonna tow 80 because thats the limit, your mileage is gonna be bad. At 65 with minimal wind I have averaged just over 9 mpg in the south and midwest, including some appalachian towing. I have towed 3200 mi of the 7800 total miles on the truck. Low tank average was 8.1 through southern ky. and north tennessee in heavy rain. Best 10.1 heading north from southern keys toward miami, "ideal conditions". Most tanks where mid 9's. I doubt you get above 7 on any tank at that speed regardless of truck. Unless 5th wheel is under 13' tall and less than 10k, then maybe a little better. Let us know if you pull trigger regardless of make.
  9. Diesel and gas h.d. trucks depreciate at simiar rates. In fact according g to edmunds, nada, etc. Gas depreciates slightly less than diesel does. The relative few good quality gassers in the used market may be a contributing factor.
  10. Based on Toyota full size and Hondas truck sales I don't believe they are too worried. Sorry you are having problems but that is clearly not the norm, best of luck getting your issues taken care of. Agree q.a. can always be better at all manufacturers.
  11. Shotgun you got it right. Issue is completley a programming strategy. Faulty strategy for a work truck in my opinion but correctable by proper user interface or programming update for those lacking the concept. 10 speed would be better due to less rpm drops between shifts. Reliabilty still leans to the 6 speed for me until more actual user miles are accumulated with the new 10 speed.
  12. I raised the hitch 1" from 2016 2500 setting because bed clearance towards back of bed was too close for my taste. As a result it is slightly nose high but I am not observing any temp. differences in the trailer tires frony to rear. I have the curt 16 slider from my old truck. Truck gets better mileage on flat ground towing in 5th at 65 to 68 mph even when it will pull in 6th without downshifting. A result of rear diff gearing I assume.
  13. I am halfway thru my trip from cincinnati to big pine key florida, first tank in driving rain 8 mpg, 2nd tank 8.9 3rd tank 9.1 4th tank 9.3. I will be returning home in a week and will update. I am towing a 5th wheel that is loaded around 12k .
  14. Did my firat oil xgange today prior to leaving on a 2500 mile roundtrip towing my 12k 5th wheel. Used Shell Rotella for gas engine. Research looks great on this product. My truck was at 4500 mi. and 40% on o.l.m.
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