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  1. Towing and or hauling significant loads are what this tool/truck is designed for so I understand why its not offered. I am not saying it wouldnt be nice for someone using it as a car on a road trip but again, that is not what it is designed for. Hauling significant weight makes adaptive cruise a pain in the backside, inefficient towing, and frankly not particularly safe.
  2. So it stickered around 57k? That is a decent deal at present time. If your not in a hurry I think time is on your side for a better deal. Ford's new gasser will slow enthusiasm/demand as will additional inventory as the strike becomes more distant.
  3. Didn't know they offered anything but 36 gal. tank! In 2500 and 3500. My LT gas 2500 is 36 gal.
  4. Wow!!! Man, I need customers like you at my business!
  5. The more I look at it the more I like it! My guess is both taller tires and larger frame improve clearances.
  6. Hey I'm with you on not being too high tech or over optioned and over priced! My last truck was a 16' crew cab 2500 wt. The one I just bought is an LT. My comments are more directed at the fact he is cross shopping a half ton compared to a 3/4 ton and the Toyota is not just simple it is very dated. It is lost in the year 2000. Toyota is not in the game in full size truck market as a result. Cars are another story.
  7. Cant understand why anyone cross Shop a Tundra that is ancient regarding technology, gets terrible gas mileage, steers and rides like a 20 year old truck. I get your frustration with your present truck but you would be bored and unha3poy with a Tundra. I have had both.
  8. Agree with MTU alum on gas mileage estimates. My old truck had 17" the new truck has 20". I believe it has a negative effect on loaded effeciency due to taller tire slightly reducing final gear ratio. But I dont believe it hurts unloaded fuel economy. I achieved around 16.5 mpg unloaded in the rain on a trip to Nashville and back. I think I could have attained slightly over 17 if it was dry.
  9. Sound like biggest difference between our numbers are due to weight differences and towed speed differences. More speed than weight. Your mpg sounds just about right.
  10. Returned today from Gatlinburg, a little over 300 miles each way. Cruised at 62 mph with occasional downhills to 70 mph never ower on hills than 58 mph. The DIC showed 9.1 mpg on trip down. I used tow/ haul most of the way down but not entirely. Same with cruise control. In bigger hills, southern Ky. and Jellico Tn. no cruise. On return trip average 63 mph very little cruise usage. Averaged 9.3 according to DIC. A couple of observations: in tow haul mode in stays in 5th gear longer even on level or slight downhill under 68 mph as a result I drove a lot with tow haul off during flat and downhill on return trip. This truck will maintain speed on level and slight uphill, 1 percent grade in 6th gear. It does so better than previous 16' sbcc gasser. Personally I think a rear gearset around 3.90 would be a perfect compromise between towing performance and mpg. Towing mpg is approx. .5 mpg better than the average of my old trucks trips to same location. Unloaded mpg is about 1.5 mpg better combined.
  11. I am going from Cincinnati to Gatlinburg and back pulling my 11600 lb 5th wheel on the 27th. I will report my m.p.g. and impressions when I return. My last truck was 2016 2500 h.d. for comparison.
  12. I know of no one with any experience, even a little, who would lug a gas engine like tfl does at times, in their videos. I understand why they do it but it does not reflect reality nor adequately represent the vehicles capabilities. All it demonstrates is the lack of programming sophistication by a manufacturer. Or better still what their priorities where when programming.
  13. Ok, just returned from first road trip. Cincy to Nashville and back 675 mi. Including a short amount of city driving, less than 20 mi., I hand calculated 16.2 mpg rainstorm on way down cut mileage noticeably according to DIC. It was showing 16.6 prior to rain during first 50 or 60 miles on trip down but dropped to 15.9 in subsequent 200 miles. Rained coming back for majority of drive as well. I think it cost me a solid 1 mpg. But pure speculation, educated guess!
  14. E85 is moot point since the new 6.6 is not designed to run with it. It is designed and tuned to run with 87 octane anything else is either damaging, "e85", or a waste of money for any octane above 87. ECM will not take advantage of higher octane fuels. Maybe some tuners will offer some help for those desiring more power in the near future.
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