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  1. I have pulled a 37' 5th wheel, 12k, over 4k miles. Averaged 9.3 mpg while towing, it pulls fine. My only wish is for 4:10 axle ratio, I believe it would pull better, yet not negatively impact mpg while towing. I will be leaving on a 5k plus loop of the west at the end of month it will be more of a test than what I have done to date. I don't expect that it will have any issues with the mountains. My last truck was a 16' 6l gasser w/410 axle and it was adequate even while climbing up to the eisenhower tunnel and this truck pulls better than that.
  2. I have not driven the 3500 but I doubt it rides considerably different from the 2500. Spring packs are same other than overloads on 3500 and they don't come into play unless heavily loaded.
  3. If you are looking to make a deal on an H.D. truck don't expect GM to be desperate to offer significant rebates. They are having no trouble selling ALL of their H.D. truck inventory. They matched last years sales for quarter in sales without 10 to 13 weeks of production. I would guess it will be mid 2021 before supply overtakes demand.
  4. Wow tire issue makes truck a p.o.s. who would've known? Chill a minute and give it a rest. If this is a major issue in your life, thank God for your charmed existence!
  5. I often fill up locally between 32 and 34 gallons, to maximize rewards program. $1.00 off up to 35 gallons.
  6. Any used diesel over 200k is falling into the area where injectors, fuel pumps, sensor issues all become suspect. You can put a fresh crate engine in a gasser for not much more than the cost of your first major diesel repair. Just another viewpoint and longetivity comparison. The rest of the truck is the same regardless of powertrain. The Allison is strong but so is the old 6 speed. Lifespans are roughly equal.
  7. Agree with above comments. People often comment a diesel is worth more used...no duh! It costs more new. Gasser indeed hold a slightly higher % of their value than diesels, surprise to many!
  8. I can agree that the big touch screen and the interior in general are a cut above both ford and gm. There is so much more to consider and Ram comes up short in the meat and potato categories. I would caution that they "supposedly" fixed their transmission issues, they have had generational problems in that part of driveline. The question is are you willing to guinea pig ? I would not be willing to give them the benefit of doubt. That "old" 6 speed G.M. uses is the lowest warranty trans they make. I also wish GM had the 10 speed available now for gas, not later, but I do know the reliabilty of what I have based on track record and when towing fairly heavy, 12k, it matters to me.
  9. Sounds about right. Its your money. If you are keeping it for a longer period of time I believe the G.M. is a better made truck overall. Go figure, I am on a GM site. I have been in the auto repair field for 40 years and in my experience through all of those years Mopar/Ram has had more issues, primarily transmission, a/c, general trim fit and finish issues than Ford or GM. It sounds like you are sold on the Ram. Enjoy whatever you pick, they are all vastly better in capability than they once where.
  10. Google is your friend. Nada, Kbb, any article on leasing residuals. Etc. Easy to find.
  11. My 2500 lt ccsb has a payload of 3550 lb and I tow a 5th wheel that weighs 12k loaded, it lands within capacity of truck pretty nicely. Clearly with that payload it is gas. I got 9.2 mpg on trip from Cincinnati to Key West in late February. Typically get 16 to 17 unladen on hwy. Depending on terrain. My high according to dic for 25 mi was 22.1 from big pine key to key west. Flat as a pancake and vagaries of d.i.c. aside. I will agree with anyone that a diesel will pull it with less effort and get better mileage. For me not enough better for up front cost, fuel expense, maintenance expense, and potential def issues in future.
  12. As you stated the Chev. was cheaper at the trim levels you test drove so you get more for your money. Gas mileage should be close but most independent test show chev slightly better. In my opinion chev rides better.
  13. Kcjackson 1 I dont get your point. I agree the 10 speed is coming. The truck was all new for 2020 and I believe they wanted to be able to offer something additionally new in the coming model years i.e. the 10 speed. Probably more gear options as well. In the first year with everything else new they chose to stick with the tried and true 6 speed?
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