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  1. Systemic is Navistar 6 4 diesel, modern diesel emissions , for all manufacturers, and Ford truck front ends! Many other issues could be detailed but will forgo since it Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
  2. One year of a modern truck. It is not a systemic issue like Ford is suffering. No comparison
  3. I have NEVER heard or gad a customer complaint omrwgarding "death wobble" in a G.M. truck. Shake, yes, with almost every circumstance due to worn parts on a truck with miles. Have had numerous Ford products with a violent shake, "death wobble" , with low miles. The issue is production tolerances are exceasive and the design is flawed.
  4. The issue as already stated is encryption. There are plenty of tuners out there, just none that have the know how and/or capital to crack G.M.'s encryption. They're may be some truth to cost analysis isn't conductive to the investment needed.
  5. I would imagine the towing range on e85 would be "less tha ideal"!!!
  6. 20k. On truck towed about 10k of that with 12k fiver all across country. Reliable as I expected it would be.
  7. You have clearly articulated your needs and we have come to the same answer. I have and plan on towing more than you, so far about 10k of the 19k on truck have been towing. Every decision has plus categories and minus categories it would be no different if you where contemplating a new rv. Be it type and/or Floorplan. My overriding thoughts where payload capacity increase of gasser, lower operating expenses, partly due to my familiarity and ability to repair, and lower initial cost thus freeing up additional capital to further enjoy my destinations. I would enjoy the added torque of diesel but I get my speed/power fix from one of my cars. As you have stated, its a tool. Each have their own purpose and a truck will never satisfy all of your desires just the same as any given sports car will not check every box.
  8. Check NADA , gas holds value as well as diesel. So the extra carrying cost of buying diesel weighs against it in true cost per mi. Calculation.
  9. Nope, just get a bit annoyed that so often comments regardless of topic seem to devolve to "get the diesel", your lifes problems will all be solved!! They both have a place and the original post was a query on cost analysis between them. Something about that question leads me to believe they where interested in a cost analysis more than which was better.
  10. Most "can" afford either. I would venture that for the majority the reason they can afford either is because they don't make a habit of wasting money on purchases that are superflous to the outlined need. It is why the majority of fleet companies purchase gas h.d. trucks. There is no debate which is more capable the question was can the gas provide the needs outlined. It obviously can.
  11. I have been in automotive repair for 40 years, it by no means makes me an expert but experienced in my opinion. The usage you have described is perfectly within the gas trucks performance envelope and you will be happy with the money you have not spent! I have averaged right at 9 mpg towing a 12k fiver over 10000 mi. All across the country. Looking at reported diesel numbers posted on this forum hauling similar weights it looks like 10.5 to 12 is what most are reporting.
  12. I think you may be over analyzing this. If incidents of repairs are roughly equal, although I believe due to def issues they are not, labor costs are higher on diesels. Preventative maintenance is higher. According to the diesel forum on this site def usage varies greatly due to use and maybe driving style but seems to fall between 300 and 700 mpg. As you have already stated acquisition costs are greater for diesel. If you tow heavy often, you will be happier with a diesel regardless of any cost differences. If you only occasionally tow heavy and/or significant mountain terrain, gas is fine and will save you money. At the moment diesel fuel costs are down from historic numbers bringing this calculation much closer but it still weighs in favor of gas and if diesel fuel goes back to what it had been over the past 3 or 4 years its not even close.
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