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  1. Yes I really like them. Have seen the issues others talk about but I have yet to have any. They have stayed aligned, no signs of leaking or fogging, and the projectors aren’t too bad. These paired with the Morimoto fogs perform really well and look really sharp too
  2. decal overlays, saw it in a post in this thread somewhere but can't remember where. Need to find "Texas Edition" decals if someone know of a place. Also have a custom dent in the rear bumper..
  3. That's the look I was going for, just got tricked by the paint can lid. That looks great! too much chrome for my taste the way it was before
  4. painted the honeycomb parts of my grill today. the paint color was "stainless steel black" and it looked like a metallic black on the can. After painting it was lighter grey metallic, but I really like the color so I'm probly gonna keep it.
  5. a guy named Erik Lopez out of Duncanville, TX. I can send you his number if you would like. He used to do the dealership installs and now has his own custom shop.
  6. Got rid of my cloth seats that the dogs ruined and upgraded to Katzkin leather. Dogs now ride in the bed
  7. I like them alot. I was hesitant to get them at first because they have alot of bad reviews, but I figured if they sucked I could just return them. Gave them a try after not wanting to undertake the Morimoto retrofit for the low beams and have not been disappointed. I thought the LTZ projectors were pretty good? I don’t know a whole lot about lighting, I just knew I wanted brighter light without being that a**hole who was blinding everyone with HIDs and no projectors
  8. I’m probably not going to mess with the high beams. I drive pitch black country roads a lot and with the LED low beams I really haven’t needed the highs. If at some point I decide to mess with them, I’ll probly just upgrade then to LED to match the low beams. And yes I have the Anzo U bar
  9. Finally got around to taking some night photos after my Morimoto XB LED Fog install. First if fogs only, second is fogs with low beams. the photos don't do these fogs justice, they are stupid bright and shine far and wide, just can't capture that with my phone
  10. wasn't able to take night pics because the fogs were aimed way too high up since my front end is leveled up 2". adjusted them this morning and took a photo of them , hopefully they will be good to go for night time now. the left one angles down the further out it goes because my front bumper is slightly bent right where the fog housing is
  11. Lumen brand LEDs Lumen G8 LED conversion kit to be exact
  12. I'll try and take some pics tonight. The headlights are Anzo U bar w/ LEDs also. those are pretty bright just by themselves
  13. Installed Morimoto XB LED Fogs today on my 14 silverado
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