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  1. From what I've been told? No. Don't use it. The 2-20% bio content is supposed to have enough lubricity and the additives won't do anything but speed up how fast the DPF plugs up.
  2. Well mine has a dash rattle, a whistle through the blower motor, a loud ass vent behind the seat, and pretty bad road noise. So, it's whatever...
  3. My 2020 does it. Almost tickles your foot! vibrates the dash too.
  4. I would switch to LPS 3. Fluid Film is hard on rubber in my experience too.
  5. I've owned 3 6.0s, an '03, '06, '11, now in a '20 Duramax. I still have my '11 6.0 and it has literally never been in the shop for anything other than scheduled maintenance. The Duramax is a power MONSTER. I love it pulling. But I will not own it for more than 3-5 years because modern diesels have not proven to be good long term vehicles. They're extremely delicate, unreliable, and expensive. If you want to keep it, go gas. If you want to trade off regularly, the diesel has a LOT more power.
  6. It's urea. Not urine. It's liquid fertilizer.
  7. I have a 6.0 with 33s and it gets an honest 9-10 empty and 6-6 1/2 pulling 10-15K.
  8. I slowed down to 75 and an getting 15 now. Happy with the diesel!
  9. My 2020 3500 pulls to the right too. Super annoying. My 2011 drives perfect and has never been aligned. I didn't buy a Ford because I didn't want a junky front-end.
  10. They're just dealer mud flaps.
  11. The 10 speed behind the diesel might be too much for the gas. It's a big heavy transmission and it takes power to turn. It could eat up the power increase and end up with the same performance as the 6.0.
  12. I do drive pretty fast. Highway traffic around here moves at 80-90+. My '11 6.0 gets 11-12 in the same driving. This is my first diesel since an '03 Powerstroke. I heard you were supposed to keep these aired out to keep the emissions stuff working good. Maybe I'm overdoing it??
  13. I have a 2020 GMC 3500HD regular cab. Pretty basic interior, power windows, mirrors, locks, 40/20/40 seat but the fold down part and the bottom part don't have any storage. Where might I locate one of the ones with the storage? Do any of the manual seats have a lumbar adjustment? these seats are decently comfortable, but the lack of any lumbar shape at all is tiring on a longer trip. I wouldn't mind a whole take-out seat from a better trim, but don't want to get into any wiring projects.
  14. How are you guys doing it? I have a '20 single cab dually and so far, unloaded highway is 13mpg. My 6.0 gas gets almost that??
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