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  1. Thank you for your help! I’m thinking I’ll go with those soon enough... looking at some wheels and tires first to empty the wallet on lol
  2. Thank you! Any idea on quality of their lights? Rather just spend money once rather than over and over finding the right cabin lights
  3. Anyone know any good sets of amber cabin lights for the top of the truck? Also could it be done without drilling? Thank you.
  4. Have a 6.6 Gasser 2500 WT. looking to ditch the non LED tail lights and love the ones that come on the Denali. The LED tail lights. Anyone have any experiencing switching between these two OEM tail lights. If even possible? Thanks.
  5. I know the diesels hold their value really well. Anyone know how well a gas Sierra 2500 holds its value over 5 years?
  6. Is anyone else experiencing a clicking noise in the steering or dash at full lock during turn? I don’t know if it’s normal or just clicking for some other reason. Thank you.
  7. Thank you guys for your knowledge and time. Been great driving it so far. Took about two days to get used to the size but it’s been great and smooth. Love the powertrain
  8. Hey guys. New owner here. First time buying from GM/CHEVY. 2020 GMC 6.6 gasser. Been driving tundra whole life. Wanted a change, still have the tundra. Any idea of how reliable this truck can be or how many miles it can go? Also I heard the transmission is a reliable one for the 2020 model. Thank you. Sorry, I’m not too educated on GM products. Thank you
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