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  1. Haha yea that’s the noise! So since that post I actually traded my 1500 in for a 2500. But while I had the 1500 I was able to resolve it almost completely. So if you go back to the dealership check to see the ltz or high country models. Look under their glove box. You’ll notice that the higher trim models have a padded insulation cover over them. I had to order one which costs about 30 bucks. Put that cover on and problem should be solved!
  2. Yes exactly! Feels like the engine is making it vibrate. And that doesn’t bother you guys? Maybe I’m being a B but I test drove the ford 250 and new dodge 2500 and zero vibration. I almost want to wait until 2021 to see if they fix it.
  3. I’m not great with the mechanical side of things. Would corrosion on the rotors cause a vibration even if you were fully stopped and in park?
  4. I test drove a 2020 2500hd high country today and noticed that when the brake was pressed, the pedal vibrated. Whether I was driving and making a stop or just sitting in park with my foot on the brake pedal, there was a constant vibration. Felt like it was vibrating to the engine. I ended up trying 2 other 2020s with the same results. Is this normal?
  5. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I have a 2019 Silverado trail boss and when you turn the fan on, whether it’s ac or heater, there is a noise that is not normal. It comes from the passenger side inside the dash area. It’s not a loud noise and if the stereo is on you won’t hear it. It sounds like the fan motor is off. I wouldn’t bother taking it in if all trucks made the noise but they don’t. I had the dealership take me in another trail boss and there was no sound, just normal wind sound. They changed a bearing saying that was the issue but it is still making the same noise.
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