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  1. Should I be using a diesel fuel additive? What is everybody using?
  2. Hooked everything back up today and everything is working! Hopefully, that gremlin is gone. Thank you for the suggestions. Nice to know there is a place to go for these types of issues.
  3. Just installed Demco adapter plate 6333 with my Pullrite 2700 slider on my 2020 3500 AT4. Rides great. Lots of trips planned when it gets a little warmer.
  4. Yes, door was fully closed and I tried it multiple times while driving. The infotainment screen would go dark with an "X" in the top right corner when I put left blinker on. Very weird. Let me know if there are other ideas. It did rain the night before so everything was wet. I'll try again tomorrow.
  5. Just purchased a GMC 3500 AT4 and hooked my 5th wheel up to it today. I was pleasantly surprised to see a passenger side camera pop on the infotainment screen when I put my right turn signal on. However, when I put left turn signal on the screen goes blank. Is this normal?
  6. Just picked up my 2020 GMC 3500 AT4 Duramax standard bed. I was using the Pullrite Superglide 2700 on my previous truck so I just ordered the Demco 6333 adapter plate. Pullrite has not released their adapter yet. They told me mid February. Keeping my fingers crossed that Demco adapter and Pullrite 2700 Superglide work well together. I've also have the Morryde pin box on my 5'er.
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