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  1. I recall seeing mine update only once, shortly after I got it in April of 2021. Every once in a while I check for updates and the system always tells me no updates available??
  2. Try going to Settings>Bluetooth>the i next to your connected radio and uncheck Carplay. Then connect by wire.
  3. Did you just use some T-Tap Wire connectors or something similar or was there more to it?
  4. 100% agree with that statement. Especially when it's 100+° outside. Did the interior Saturday... I'll get the exterior later one day this week in the evening, when the sun is low enough for my driveway to be in the shade from the house and it's cooled down to 98°.
  5. Just did mine this weekend. If they're really dirty, I'll take them out power wash them. It's not difficult to get them out or to put them back in, at all. They weren't very dirty this time so I sprayed with a cleaner, wiped them with a rag, scrubbed a few spots with a soft bristle brush. After that I spray them with a dressing and wipe it down with a rag to restore the brand new look.
  6. I also have the RB20s and I like them a lot. I much prefer the looks over the others, but if they went wheel to wheel, they would be perfect, for the reasons redwngr and TNT mentioned.
  7. I appreciate the tips. I'll have to order a bigger roll so I have plenty to practice with.
  8. I had actually tried wrapping my taillights a few months back. I could not get it to lay flat without any wrinkles around the sunken in area where the reverse lights are. Having no experience with dry fit vinyl, I didn't know if I was heating it too much or not enough. I made two failed attempts and threw in the towel. One day when I'm feeling brave, I'll make another attempt. ...Or I'll pay someone.
  9. The Chevrolet support page on ventilated seats indicates that they either push or pull the air through. I understand you have a GMC, so maybe this doesn't apply. But maybe it's by design. https://www.chevrolet.com/dos-template-library/search-results/content-display.html?documentId=CSP12 "Ventilates the seats. These seats have a fan that pulls or pushes air through the seat — the air is not cooled"
  10. Some systems pull air through the seats creating a wicking effect to make you feel cooler. Other systems blow air through the seats. It appears that these suck. (Pun intended)
  11. Thank you! I do like the looks of it. I had already decided on the high gloss carbon fiber but wasn't sure if I should wrap the trim that surrounds the main part. The satin black is a good choice.
  12. Is that the Vivvid Epoxy High Gloss fiber carbon wrap? ...or which did you use and was it easy to work with?
  13. He already admitted it... no need to pour salt on his wounds.
  14. I had the update and no issues since. Although it has not been that long since I had it updated.
  15. That's not a bad deal at all! I've had mine for only three or four months and I love it.
  16. You do realize that this thread is two years old and all those prices quoted are from 2020, right!? The current selling price is $1,080.
  17. Any dealership can print it for you. You could also try emailing [email protected] with your name and VIN and they will reply with the build sheet. However, I've read some posts that say they quit doing that. (the email method, not the dealership)
  18. No offense, I'm just curious... what is the difference? If you want silence, mute the radio or better yet turn the volume down to zero so it doesn't come back on when you start the vehicle. I remember when iPods came out... people were complaining that there was no stop button, only a pause button. On a digital device... it's the same. I know the music app on my phone does not have a stop button, it only toggles from play to pause. These infotainment systems are computers with a radio app built in (over simplified, but basically)
  19. I agree with that... just had mine done a couple weeks ago. But the two posts above yours mention that they had to get towed, and it never starts on the second try... they might be dealing with something else. Either way, reprogramming the ECM should be step one.
  20. Oh, and you included your lift jack in the photo too, nice.
  21. Yes, great post! Let us know how part 2 goes. This is on my list as well.
  22. It appears that mute or volume all the way down are the only options.
  23. Have your dealership look up PIP5823B. You can find it on page 28 of this thread.
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