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  1. I have a 2019 2500 midnight black edition LTZ and did not come with homelink. Anyone know if I can add this or know a part number for the console?
  2. I currently have 17 Silverado z71 with a RC 2.5" leveling kit in the front with the spacer between the spring and perch. I would like the same lift height but a better ride quality so I'm looking to go with the bilstein 5100's. If I got a 1" front spacer which setting would the 5100's have to be on. Has anyone done this and how was the ride quality.
  3. How much cutting is involved with the1.5" zone body lift . I red the directions do you have to cut out some of the original bumper support bracket on the frame rails?
  4. This looks good how do you like it? Do you have a link to the kit you bought? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Update!! My vehicle has been at the dealer since 1-9-17 and still hasn't been fixed. I brought it in so they can fix the scratches on it from the factory and since then they said they have to repaint a piece cuz the scratch wouldn't come off. So they have been painting that for 2+ weeks. They haven't even had a chance to look into the trans at the moment cuz it's been at the body shop. This is ridiculous I am paying for a Silverado and driving a loaner equinox. Also contacted GM customer serivice off this site and of course thy don't respond or follow up on anything. Anyone have a Email or
  6. It has been back two times already. This is going to be the third time it's been back, pretty frustrating that i have to mention tsb's to them for them to even do anything to the truck .
  7. I have a 2017 Silverado with the 5.3L 8spd trans and its clunking also. It's has pretty bad low speed downshift and upshift clunks sometimes. It's going back to the dealer pretty soon for the fast learn procedure, hopefully it makes this trans shift a lot smoother . At this point all this truck is a $60k piece of garbage.
  8. I hope when they do the fast learn that it is a huge improvement. Its definitely one of two things either transmission downshift clunk or axle wrap causing it to bind on the slip yoke. My noise is more of clunk/thud. Sometimes so loud that it feels like something is loose and moving by the transfer case.
  9. Dealer torqued them down when I took the truck in the second time.
  10. Alright guys so I talked to my dealership today and told them I want them to do a fast learn on the transmission. I'm Beginning to think it's a 2-1 downshift clunk cuz it happens mostly when I brake hard so the transmission has to downshift quicker to adjust for the correct speed. Will be bringing it back in a few days so they can do that and a few other minor things that they missed on the truck since i purchased it. Im hoping this helps . Any input on the fast learn procedure? Kind of messed up a brand new 56k truck has these issues.
  11. Was your truck clunking when you came to a stop before the fast learn ?
  12. I hope your dealer fixes all those issues. Did you ask them to buy it back by any chance?
  13. They will probably try to tell you it's normal and site you with a TSB and tell you to go on your marry way hoping you don't comeback.
  14. The angle between the axle and driveshaft changes when I brake and come to a stop as you can see in the video . Also you can hear the clunk almost at the end of the video .
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