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  1. That sounds about right...make sure that 1/4 hood also includes the 1/4 fender as well. I also had the headlight/fog light kit done too... I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger. I opted out of anything chrome...i know it's pretty thin, but hoping it holds up a little better than the paint.
  2. I've got a full front with partial hood Xpel ppf setup on my 20 sierra...IMO it's absolutely worth the cost especially with a new car and any driving on an interstate. My wife's white Sienna SE looks absolutely horrific on the front...I'll never have a car without ppf on the front at the least.
  3. I like that idea even better! Can you elaborate please? Can you do this with the cargo light as well?
  4. Now that it's getting darker earlier, I've noticed that my bed lights don't stay on for long after opening up the MultiPro. It would be great/convenient to have the cargo lamp/bed lights (and mirror lights for that matter) illuminate when I've unlocked the door, or at least have some control over them without having to open up the driver door and manually turn them on (then having to remember to turn them off). You would think with all these bells and whistles (some unnecessary - ie: electronic parking brake), they would have a better/easier way to turn on all the lights at night. Also would like the fog lights to stay on with the high beams, but this may be a legality issue in some places... I've read a few posts about a diode mod, but is that the only solution? - Thanks
  5. ***UPDATE*** I went ahead with the work and had the evaporator core replaced and as I said in an earlier post, I went to the shop and took a look at the progress at around the halfway mark. I was interested in seeing all components and the truck in that state (also wanted to photograph everything I could for record keeping)...well...the service department did not disappoint. Take a look! Honestly, the interior was put back together remarkably well. I've driven the truck for a couple of weeks and wouldn't know any difference had I not gone in to see the work. I am grateful for the job well done and happy to have COLD AC! ...also glad I didn't have to foot the bill. shameless plug - I recently installed a Truxedo Pro x15 tonneau and am really happy with it so far...
  6. I think I'm going to finally pull the trigger on a Pro X15... I like the "lifetime" warranty and also the fact that it will not cover/rest against the back window when open. Anyone with the MultiPro have this and like/unlike the Pro X15?
  7. I could be wrong, but I'm not sure pushing both simultaneously does the trick anyways... Dealer I purchased from told me to push the bottom (primary) first then immediately the top button (inner tailgate)...or vice versa. I don't think I've even tried to push them both at the same time.
  8. At some point I'll remove the big center "Sierra" as I believe it's just too much in the middle...I actually purchased from the dealer the smaller "Sierra" from the T1 Denali and plan on putting that in the lower left and keeping the SLT in the lower right...i guess similar to the K2 tailgate layout. Just more symmetrical to me. Did yall use the eraser wheel, or floss method?
  9. Yea I guess my old man always did front to back and back to front and so I've always done it that way...Guessing the front back X extends the life of the tires just a little more?
  10. Did the first myself at ~900 miles with Mobil 1 / Wix XP filter. Filter and plug are super easy to access - as opposed to my Accord where the filter is sideways and halfway up the bay. I plan on doing it myself every 5 - 7500 miles. As with my wife's car, I rotate the tires as well during that service. Question on rotation for the 1500s...Do you all / dealers do front-to-back, X-pattern? Also looking at jack points...I'd love to get the whole vehicle off the ground...what do you do at home? I was thinking about getting 4 bottle jacks to place on each corner, but that sounds a little excessive.
  11. I'm the same way...I'm coming from a standard so it's second nature for me.
  12. I really wish these trucks had kept the traditional parking brake...not the biggest fan of this push-button deal.
  13. Yea I definitely plan on it as I'm interested in seeing the 'guts' anyways...
  14. Mine threw the same codes at around 75 miles, but went off when I started the truck next. It happened a few other times intermittently, but hasn't returned. Maybe it was "fixed" over a wifi update...Lots of code written for these trucks.
  15. My 2020 Silao SLT was assembled at the end of March, just a few days before they temporarily shut down the plant. I love this pickup...It's my first truck and first new vehicle so needless to say I have been babying the thing since I bought it in April. Well here we are not even 2000 miles later and my driver's side air is not blowing cool at all...passenger side is just slightly cool. Definitely not as cold as it should be. I took it to my dealer and it's supposedly the evaporator. Honestly - I don't think my OCD can handle that invasive of a procedure. Of course it's a warranty repair, but is it worth getting a second opinion? Or should I just let it go and continue with the repair and hope for no squeaks/rattles...? Is this a common issue with the T1s?!
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