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  1. I got these too. They fit the holes perfectly and even match the texture of the factory plastic bed rails. Purchased through amazon.
  2. Thanks Greg, the simplicity is what attracted me to it. The seams are only about 1/4”. As far as install and removal goes, I think it will be quite easy to remove when needed. I traded an ‘18 Tacoma for the trail boss and it had a factory Toyota tri-fold. It was heavier and had a bolt to remove. Not super hard but more to do. This one just folds up, secure the keepers, slightly lift and slide toward the rear. Nice and simple.
  3. I also ordered plugs for the holes in the rear bed rails from amazon. They are at home now and I’ll install when I get there this evening.
  4. So my Lomax cover arrived yesterday. It was a breeze to install. Overall I’m pleased with the fit and appearance. Of course my impatience cost me a couple hundred bucks. I ordered it before the post about the vendor selling them for 660$. Oh well. Can’t worry about that now.
  5. I just traded my 18 tacoma for a LT Trail Boss with the 6.2 last Thursday. My dealer gave me more for the tacoma than I paid for it new. The Chevy is making me very happy so far but I only have 100 miles on it. Enjoy your new ride.
  6. I pulled the trigger on the Lomax. It will arrive Wednesday according to fedex tracking. I think for my needs and budget it was the best choice. Hopefully I’m not disappointed. I’ll update with pics and thoughts after I get it installed. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I think I’m between the MX4 and the Lomax. It appears as if the Lomax is easily removed if I needed to, and I’m not sure I even like the way the MX4 stores in the up position if I needed to use the entire bed. it’s not much difference in price between the two, but I like to buy once cry once. It was really easy to pick out the truck I wanted, not so easy to pick out the bed cover. Lol
  8. Gaah. Sorry guys. Bad forum etiquette. If I would’ve scrolled a bit I would’ve found the huge thread on tonneau covers before posting this one.
  9. Hi all, I just took delivery of my new LT Trail Boss 6.2 last night and I definitely need a tonneau cover. What’s the consensus on a brand that I won’t regret purchasing. I like the looks of the BakFlip MX4, but there are a lot of bad reviews out there. The Chevy tri-fold was another thought, but I can’t really find decent pics of it. I’m open to any and all suggestions, and pics are welcome. Thanks!
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