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  1. thanks for that link, I need a can for touch up
  2. Not a fan of the integrated brake controller, my 6K lbs trailer stops better with my grand cherokee than it does with my truck, gain on the GC 6, gain on the truck 10. I am quite disappointed the GC stops better and shorter distance every time even on panic pedal mashing.
  3. On my 20 sierra I believe there is a setting to fold and unfold the mirrors when you go in and out of park.
  4. the paint is baked on in the factory and is as cured as it will ever get, wax it day one you are fine. if you have had paint repairs at a dealer or auto body shop then those need to wait a while before wax
  5. I took my buddies and my SXS's from St louis to Moab Utah last year at the end of august the weather was hot A.F. but did not have any issues with heating up. Mine is a 6.2 max tow and hauling 7K+ lbs. 2 sxs on the trailer plus a bed full of luggage, spare parts and tools. we went through colorado springs / monarch pass ( i think) on the way there as 70 was closed due to fires, took 70 back through denver on the way home and didn't have any temperature or power problems either way.
  6. Go with a DSP amp or a separate DSP and amp(s), I have just started putting equipment in mine and have a Helix DSP with Damore and sundown amps
  7. I finally have all the equipment to start upgrading my non Bose also. Depending on how deep you want to get in to it you can do anything from a basic upgrade to a full system. I am replacing the speakers in the doors as well as the dash adding a DSP, 3 amplifiers and a sub as well as sound deadening. if you look through the Mod section a guy just posted a full build log in there and if you dig deep enough in that section there is a 40+page thread on audio upgrades.
  8. Not that I know of they have gotten pretty damn integrated now
  9. For uh educational purposes.....I pushed it in to a couple cloverleaf on/offramps and 40-42 is about all i can do comfortably the back still feels reasonably planted but I could be on the edge of traction I am not in the habit of pushing it in the truck so I don't have a great feel for it, however there is allot of body roll toward the front driver wheel.
  10. Is the sway only an issue on the trucks with the adaptive ride control? I have not noticed it much in mine, I mean it doesn't handle like my old Grand cherokee but its a truck....Mine is the 6.2 with max tow so mine might already sprung a little stiffer
  11. Mine will flash rapidly several times per second if I lock my truck by pressing the button on the outside of the door handle. However it will act completely normal if I use the key fob to lock the truck. Not sure of why it acts differently but it is 100% repetable like that. Only the brake/tail lights flash rapidly
  12. I have the stock bridgestone all terrain tires on my sierra and they seem to be wearing really fast, I have rotated them at each oil change and they are down to 6-7/32 is this normal for these tires? Also I have found the "all terrain" aspect of them to be quite lacking I have had road tires with better offroad performance than these....All that being said I have about 14K miles on them and 10K+ has been towing a 6000lb trailer, is that amount of towing the reason for the fast tread wear? any suggestions on what to replace them with at this point they will probably be replaced before fal
  13. I would love to dechrome mine but without doing the bumpers too on my SLT I think it might look a bit weird.
  14. I believe those are just for T tapping signal to add a sub, I am doing a full replacement while trying to reuse as much factory wiring as possible That is why many of us have opted to use a loopback harness
  15. the dash and door speakers (at least on the non Bose) are the same channel and there is a passive crossover inline on the dash speakers you will need to run a new wire from the amp to run active. That is what John told me when I ordered the harness, but yours being bose may be different.
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