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  1. Did a round trip from STL to lake of the Ozarks over the weekend got 19.6 mpg with the cruise set to 75 mph most of the way there, filled up (1/2 tank) with ethanol free 91 octane and got 21.8 mpg on the way back with the cruise set to 80 most of the way. Mine has the 6.2, max tow package and otherwise stock.
  2. I am going full replacement with CDT ES 6CV's front and rear doors, CDT unity 8's in the dash, an audio control DSP amp D-6.1200, a sundown 1000 watt mono amp for the sub and either a sundown SD412 or a Brahma 12 in a small sealed box.
  3. Which Lomax are you guys using? I have been looking mostly at the retrax one MX and the bakflip MX4 ready to buy one this week.
  4. looks like they use AC delco.....not too excited about the "brand" but it will do. Jim Trenary Chevrolet Offers Service & Part Specials in O'Fallon.pdf
  5. Took mine in for the free oil change and was pleasantly surprised by the dealer I plan to return for future oil changes they quoted me $59 for full synthetic and tire rotation on my 1500 6.2 I usually do all my own basic maintenance but at that price i will let them do it.
  6. that is roughly what i get when towing.....and i bought it to tow. I have the max tow pkg and the best MPG i have seen is 19-20 mpg pure highway at 70+ mph
  7. Nice pro xp i have allot of fun with mine
  8. Mine does that what kind of shim did you use?
  9. Try to tilt the WDH head down you should be able to loosen the bolts, add a shim or washer between the head and shank to gain some additional leverage on the WDH spring bars you should be able to get more weight transfer to the front wheels.
  10. You have an Equalizer hitch correct? Do you know the weight rating of the spring bars? if they are undersized or marginally sized you can replace those spring bars with a heavier weight. I would only go this route if the hitch geometry is set up correctly and there is still too much sag. Edit: after looking at that pic a little more closely the trailer looks fairly level as well as the spring bars you probably need to look in to heavier weight spring bars, likely also a helper spring or airbags, even with heavier spring bars that is several inches of sag to compensate for. Dumb question is it mildly difficult to snap the bars up in to place when hitching up? I switched to a different style because i kept wrenching my back doing it.
  11. on both of my weight weight distribution hitches the top of the ball should be set 1.5-2 inches higher than the trailer coupler when the trailer is level, you may need to fine tune the angle of the WDH head with a washer or spacer. I have An Anderson WDH and Husky centerline WDH.
  12. What is the output on the DSP amp? I am planning on upgrading the audio in mine but undecided on the exact direction to go with the DSP I would like to flatten out the factory signal.
  13. I had a trailer tire temp warning pop up on the cluster after being stopped for a lunch pit stop at 139 degrees but when i opened the app it showed all 4 tired under 130 degrees. plus i have seen the tire temps up to 145 without a warning pop up. also curious what temp the sensors are supposed to alert you at.
  14. I believe the side of the connector with the heavier gauge wires has the lock tab in the center. Should look like the connectors attached Store _ LLJ Customs Car Audio Fabrication L.L.C.html Well that didnt work.... look at this page https://lljcustoms.com/store/ols/products/2014-2018-gm-t-harness-for-8-screens-without-bose-1418gm8
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