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  1. The Roll and lock M series was around 1400 installed.
  2. I have a multi pro tailgate with the Roll and lock cannister style cover and I have no leaks, not even a dribble.
  3. I priced up a Sierra SLT on the GMC build and price site and to add the bed camera I had to first have the Driver alert package, convenience package, premium packages to add that $250 camera.
  4. It is not just a +250 add on it requires the addition of another package as well 1K+ for that pkg plus the camera
  5. I thought I read something about needing a video switcher and software updates to add the bed camera, if you already have other cameras besides the tailgate cam you probably already have one.
  6. not quite sure which is the right one for our trucks but there are 4 versions of it out now for the T1 trucks. should deal with the above concerns. http://www.metraonline.com/part/AXDSPL-GM31
  7. Careful with those boston crossovers being mounted on the sub box I had an old school set of the Boston pro 6.4.3's and had to resolder xover components that snapped off due to vibration.....was also running 3 12's at the time Also what sub box is that? looking for something small for a sundown SD4-12 and last but not least Metra recently came out with an axxis factory integration module that is supposed to control the amplified chime issue amongst other issues.
  8. mine came on last week when I was on vacation in Moab the Oreilleys code reader said the P25A2 code was requested by the brake controller the tool would not reset the light but it went away after the next engine start or 2. Taking it to the dealer next week for an oil change and to look in to the mystery light.
  9. Mine does this Occasionally, I go in to settings, then running applications, then force stop on the XM app and then the app starts right back up immediately and works.
  10. Sorry I missed this been on vacation Looks like you already got one congratulations.
  11. I installed a roll and lock canister tonneau cover yesterday you can open either the tailgate or the cover with the other still locked. Like it allot
  12. My 6.2 occasionally idles like that, have not figured out if that is "normal" yet. It is mostly prone to doing it just as i am about to come to a full stop, and yes the NHT will likely have a slightly rougher ride than the other trims as it supposed to have a slightly heavier spring/shock combo
  13. 6X9 in the front and 6.5 in the rear Non Bose. i think it is a 2.5 in the dash also
  14. the Nav tv unit is specifically for The bose system and that system uses an audio data buss system instead of traditional high/low level signals. the Nav tv unit converts that audio data buss to traditional RCA level to feed in to an amp or dsp.
  15. That was a nice feature on my jeep i miss it on my 2020 sierra. it works with android auto, but i rarely have that running.
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