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  1. I'll have to upload to youtube since I can only do 9.1mb here
  2. TSP headers and y pipe with stock resonator (as a muffler) and the boom tube tip. Absolutely love this setup and hopefully soon can learn to weld a stainless 3.5" or 4" setup.
  3. L83 TB bolt holes about 97mm apart L86 TB bolt holes about 104mm apart This is the MAC bit my tool guy had on his truck and worked effortlessly. PN#98660 1/4 diameter.
  4. From what I've seen the bore is way to small for the lt5 to match to the l83 or even l86. Lt1 as well will need alot of material to be removed to match. I have all 3 TBs (lt5,l86,l83) and not sure if the l83 and l86 are same bolt pattern
  5. I'll post more pics for those who are wondering about slapping one on. But yeah just saw last night some folks gaining 15-35whp 10-40tq.
  6. My whipple e85 small cam 5.3 truck made 585. Bought the lt5 throttle body off rock auto and had my whipple adapter plate machined by myself. Gotta say night and day difference with 8mm gain. I had the l86 87mm TB before making 585 on E. Bit today without tuning the truck woke up. Just letting yall know the gain for power and throttle response is a must. Boosted boiz that is. Not sure on NA Whipple adapter plate modded from their factory 91mm bored to 95mm to match the lt5 tb. I reamed the holes with a carbide burr with large flutes to accommodate the aluminum cuts. Overall spent ab
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