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  1. THIS might sound dumb , but is your truck connected to the internet when your trying to install Apps ???
  2. Im sure your right . I was think of removing the camera & replacing it with the other ...
  3. I was looking at this Item = link This way I wouldn't have to drill into My light . https://www.ebay.com/itm/113656986457
  4. I messaged the link from the video , The rear screen runs off of Bus Can commands on the Blue cables with the Mini usb , So you can't just plug in an hdmi cable . Im sure there is some kind of Module . Maybe I'll try calling Walt . You can't even use any other screens , The OEM Screen deciphers the Can Bus Signals ( So I was told ) & I tried changing mine to a bigger Alpine Screen & there was No Signal for picture .
  5. Is your Unit Android 9 or did you get the New Version with Android 11 ? They messaged me Back & didn't Answer not 1 question I had regarding RSE , My HDMI input & Rear Screen
  6. kool , I'll be looking forward to your video . Good Night ...
  7. I already messaged them about RSE , I sure don't want to loose rear screen & specially my HDMI input , As I use it for Nvidia shield Tv for G-Force ( Video game Streaming ) Netflix , Prime , & other Movie Apps . Have to keep My Daughter entertained & busy LoL
  8. Are all your USB ports working ? I recall someone saying the lost there ports & others saying you need to buy an Adapter to use them . LINK to Adapter = PRICE IS $6. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/axxess-usb-adapter-wiring-harness-for-select-2010-and-later-vehicles-multi/4572061.p?skuId=4572061
  9. Looks really good & sounds like most if not all OEM functions work . I'll have to keep an Eye open for any updates from you regarding the unit , wWill see if you still like it in a few months & if it is still working
  10. that is fast !!! I've been keeping My eye's open at a few Local truck meets here in Cali L.A. to see if anyone has it installed , Haven't seen 1 yet . But I have seen the Linkswell 1 & everyone seems to have problems or complaints about it . Does everything in your truck work with it ? OEM Settings ,Sat Radio , OnStar , Navi , Internet , Rear Camera The stock OEM Mic , Oh & the Apps you had for the OEM screen ?
  11. I posted it in this Topic , I ran into the video on YouTube while looking for something else . https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/262495-new-entertainment-system-display-for-2014-slt/#comment-2619403
  12. Looks like the 14 inch unit I posted in another topic . I've heard good things about it . I would consider it but I have RSE ( Rear Entertainment & Blu-Ray Player ) I don't want to loose My rear screen or Blu-Ray player .
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