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  1. you have to have the messaging app install to get notification.
  2. Messaging App

    It has taken 3 and half weeks about 15 phone calls and 3 emails but I have the message app back
  3. It has taken 3 and half weeks about 15 phone calls and 3 emails but I have the message app back
  4. Just got a call from Onstar claiming they are working getting back install on my truck. We will see.
  5. He claimed it was an I message tool. That was the first time I heard that one. I think none of them have ever used the radio or have any clue how it works. It seem like all I get is the run around. Well it has cost them I cancelled the order I had on a new Blazer.
  6. The story today is they are working on a new app. The message app was only for apple phones. We at lest it is a new story.
  7. They didn't give me a case number. I asked for one but never got it. I also canceled my order for a new Blazer. Not going to buy a gm again till they fix this problem. I would like to know your case number if they get yours fixed.
  8. I talked to the execreferral team and they said they would call me back. so after week I called them. Same old answer we will call you back. We don't know anything about any message app. I am about to get so mad I may sale and buy a ford.
  9. can some post pictures of it showing the audio or phone info?
  10. My phone doesn't even ring anymore in the truck. All I can get from onstar is well that's how it works in the that truck. This is bull I am about ready to get rid of the truck
  11. I have a chevy High country and it doesn't show any audio info in the heads up display. I think GM is bad about not making all of the truck with the same software.
  12. Messaging App

    Onstar told me that lie. Going to the dealership for a radio reset this morning to see if that works.
  13. Messaging App

    They are now claiming it is in the market place app. Why do I not believe them

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