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  1. Heads up Display Chevy vs. GMC

    can some post pictures of it showing the audio or phone info?
  2. My phone doesn't even ring anymore in the truck. All I can get from onstar is well that's how it works in the that truck. This is bull I am about ready to get rid of the truck
  3. Heads up Display Chevy vs. GMC

    I have a chevy High country and it doesn't show any audio info in the heads up display. I think GM is bad about not making all of the truck with the same software.
  4. Messaging App

    Onstar told me that lie. Going to the dealership for a radio reset this morning to see if that works.
  5. Messaging App

    They are now claiming it is in the market place app. Why do I not believe them
  6. Last night I got home and my son took my keys into the house when I hit the start stop button the truck would not turn off with out the key in the truck. That's not right.
  7. Messaging App

    It sucks for what we paid for these trucks they should have left the messaging app on there. Mine deleted the whole profile for the third time and I lost the messaging app so now I don't Bluetooth my phone any more. So no more hands free operation.
  8. You are Driver #1

    tell it ok and it will stop doing it after a few days
  9. How many time has your radio deleted your profile. MY has done it 3 time in the last seven months and it not saved any where. Now I have lost the messenger app also
  10. Have you tired both usbs? My ipod cut out if I use the usb in the console but not when I use the one in the dash
  11. It removed mine today. I think this radio sucks almost wish I had bought a ford.
  12. Infotainment system sucks. It is slow to come on. You can not get the xm travel link any more. My I pod cut out if it is plug into the usb in the console but not if it plug into the usb on the dash. It also losses the SD card if you have two devices plug into the console usb. Now that my 30 days are up I can not get to the apps page with out a password.
  13. I had the same problem with the sd card. My Ipod cuts out also when it is plugged into the usb in the console but not when plugged into the dash usb.

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