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  1. Hey guys, I've searched high and low and read all the multiple tire threads and got a lot of great info but I have a specific question about tire size on stock wheels with a level. I've got a 2017 Sierra denali with stock wheels. I'm going to do a 2" level and put some AT tires on. One shop I called says to go with a 285/55/20, another says 275/60/20. They both said neither will rub. Does it really matter what I go with? they are so similar in size. Am I looking at any real difference between the two as far as traction/how it rides/looks? I know for sure that I DON'T w
  2. Wow never thought of that. Maybe you know of the only one open on Sundays? Thanks!!!!
  3. Will the truck go on record as having been in an accident regardless of whether I use my insurance? I don't know if that's a function of insurance companies or auto body shops. I'm just thinking if I pay out of pocket I could help myself in the future if it's not shown as having been in an accident. I guess that's sort of dishonest but it drives totally fine, doesn't even pull to one side or the other. Seems to me it's all cosmetic.
  4. I hit/scraped a guardrail doing about 65. I'm lucky to be unharmed and my truck is totally drivable. I haven't called my insurance as I want to get a couple quotes to pay out of pocket first. I'm not sure what to expect cost wise, any ideas? I think my front and rear bumper will need to be replaced. I'm not sure if the doors are salvageable. They are badly scraped but don't appear to be dented/deformed. They open, but there's a creak/pop when I do. The front and rear quarter panels are also up for debate. I think the rear will definitely need to be replaced, front might be ok. Pictures in
  5. I've heard that if the battery is disconnected for less than an hour or so, all that stuff is preserved. Is that right? Also, if I get one of these, I plug it in before I disconnect the battery right?
  6. Wow of course I overlook the one video that shows a 2017... Thanks very much!
  7. I've got a dead battery in my 2017 Sierra Denali 6.2L. Died out of nowhere, pretty sure this is the original battery (I just bought the truck last year). Started with a jump yesterday and drove fine, now it won't crank up today. I went to start taking the battery out and all I have to say is WOW did they over-complicate this... Do I need to disconnect all numbers 1-5 in the photo attached, then push that little bus block or whatever over to the side in order to replace the battery?? Seems excessive. The YouTube video I watched has a 2015 5.3L silverado and they don't have 2, 3, or
  8. Hey guys Recently discovered my front tow points are loops, not hooks. I bought recovery straps thinking i could just put them on hooks and be good to go. So, I'm guessing I should get a Clevis/D ring to attach to the front tow loops, and put my tow strap in the ring? Is there a better way to do this? Also, if that's the case, does it matter which end of the clevis (pin vs. outer ring/D) attaches to the vehicle vs. the tow strap? I've got a 2017 Sierra Thanks!
  9. It's a crew cab short bed. 5' 8" - maybe the combination of short bed and 6.2L 4WD explains the 4" difference. I was hoping to limit my level to 2" in the front just to avoid needing any other suspension upgrades or potential issues. Do you think a 2" difference front to rear will even look any better than what I have now? Kind of frustrating, would be nice to go with a 1.5 or 2" level and be within an inch or less front to rear
  10. Hey guys I'm looking to level my 2017 Sierra Denali 4wd 6.2L. I noticed my rear sits 4" higher than the front (36" front/40" rear). I measured from ground through center of wheel to fenderwell AND from center of wheel up to fenderwell to hopefully get rid of any difference caused by tire pressure. Still 4" difference. That seems pretty high to me. Could it be from the larger engine up front, or am I missing something? I was hoping to just install the SuspensionMaxx 2" level and get pretty close to level but it looks like I'll still have 2" of rake. I guess
  11. Quick update - Got the truck back from the dealership yesterday and they flushed the transmission and filled it with the new fluid. The shudder is gone, the truck drives SO MUCH better now. So much smoother. I'm still unsure about my 3rd question on the original post about how much difference there is between my front and rear height. Anyone have any input on that? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Just wanted to do an introduction post now that I'm about 1month into owning my 2017 Sierra Denali with the 6.2 and Ultimate pkg (35K miles). I figure I should create a profile instead of lurking like I have been. I'll briefly share my experience so far and then I have a few questions for you folks. So far it's been OK owning the Sierra. I love the truck's looks, comfort and the 6.2. I don't see myself doing much modification other than a level and tires, it looks amazing as is. The ride quality is not quite what I expected though. I had the dealer swap the 22
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