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  1. So the AT4’s with a few options and a 5.3L are about the same as a LT TB with most of the options. The AT4’s have wireless charging, cooled seats, and power passenger seat plus nav. In addition to looking at TB’s I’m considering AT4’s as well now that are low optioned. The sprayed in liner and fender liners are all standard as well
  2. High Country LED Cluster Goes Blank

    Good to know GM is responding to these issues so quickly. Really leaning towards picking up a 2019 Trailboss this spring and seeing the good support coming from GM on this first year vehicle gives me reassurance to pull the trigger on this new model year.
  3. I know you guys will think I’m crazy but I fly for the Military in a fully digital cockpit. If we rush certain things on startup or change one step during the display boot sequence it can cause a number of issues that manifest during flight. This will cause us to either have to reset certain systems by pulling circuit breakers or shut down the aircraft and remove battery power then attempt to restart. Reading about the issue in that link seems like exactly the same issue. Most of these result around BUS driven electronics that require complex communication between different pieces of hardware. You might be mad that a $60k truck has these issues but I fly million dollar aircraft that experience the same issues.
  4. What are the issues with the 8 speed?
  5. 2019 New Model Year Issues

    Thanks for all the replies. I looked into the troubleshooting thread and realized there were a handful more issues than threads posted on the main T1 page. It’s hard for me to really hold the trans issues against GM because ford is having updates on their 10 speed as well due to clunky shifts. My wife has a 9 speed Honda Pilot and it occasionally hunts and sometimes has harder shifts when cold but the highway driving and gas mileage are great so I’m willing to take the trade off. These brake booster MC issues on the AT4’s has me worried though. Im sure the Trailboss trucks are built the exact same, so this could end up being more of an issue. I’m still about 6 months out from purchase so there is still time to work some production line kinks out before I buy one
  6. 2019 New Model Year Issues

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I remember when the 2019 Trailboss was first unveiled at the Texas motor speedway. I’ve been researching the Trailboss ever since. Some websites indicated that the first model year issues were more prevelant in the earlier years but now auto makers are doing so much testing that its almost a non issue. I’ve also read a report (not sure what site) that over the life of the vehicle 1st model years report no more or fewer problems than other model years in that platform. I’m curious to see if the leaking rear glass becomes an issue or if it’s soemthing they get fixed in production quickly.
  7. 2019 New Model Year Issues

    Thanks for the experience with yours. I’ve already noticed a couple back glass leaking threads which is kind of where I started looking into it more. I’d really like to pickup the 19 Silverado. The F150 is my second choice simply based on price and the fact that they seem to have fewer reported issues compared to dodge. I’ll keep checking in to see what issues pop up. Hopefully GM has the first year quirks down to a minimum and I will pick one up this spring. I’m currently deployed and sold my vehicle so I can’t wait for the 2020’s. I’ll have to buy a truck in May no matter what
  8. If you do any reading on line most people recommend not buying a new model year because bugs are still being worked out. Since GM kept most of the power train in tact and didn’t go overboard on the new interior like ram should the 2019’s have less issues? I would really like to pick up a 19 Trailboss LT but I’m going to keep this truck for at least 6 years. What are the thoughts on here? Do you guys put any stock in new model years having more issues or does GM have their R&D figured out better than other manufacturers?
  9. Elevation edition- Crew cab

    I like that Sierra a lot. I wish it would be available in the CC here in the US
  10. Yeah Laura has a Chevy GMC dealer now also. They are already doing 7k off of the high country and it’s their only truck on the lot
  11. I’m looking at purchasing next spring to summer time frame so maybe we will start to see more dealer discounting around March. Laura GMC Chevy is already offering 7800 off a 2019 Silverado HC and 6500 off of the 19 Sierra SLT. I’m hoping another 6 months brings those closer to 10k off but we will see.
  12. The custom comes with a v6 which I’m not interested in
  13. That’s good to know. They seem like a no haggle no hassle dealer too and they hinted at potentially adding a military discount on top of it
  14. We have a high volume dealer about 4 hours from us and I don’t mind the drive. I will be on leave for 6 weeks with nothing else to do. Laura Chevy gmc in Missouri is already showing $6800 off their SLT’s right now. Their fords are about 11-13k off as well. They actually sell all big 3 there between their lots so I guess I’ll go down and see what i can get the best deal on between ford and GM. I’m looking to spend $41k + TTL so I’m sure I’ll be able to find something. Hopefully it will be a 2019 Z71 LT. I don’t mind cloth or bench seat I really just want the convenience package 1 and Trailer Brake with the RD4 20” wheels. A trailboss with the same configuration would be fine too. Most stickers I’ve seen ar about 50.5k to 51.5k. I guess we will see what happens
  15. Wow that is a lot later than I would have expected. I do see the logic from GM on waiting until the 2019’s are completely on the lot but I didn’t think it would be at the end of 19. I guess I’ll wait and see what happens. My backup is probably going to be an F150 if GM doesnt offer the big rebates. It looks like 2020 is going to be the f150 refresh so the 19’s should start showing some heavy rebates next summer. I much prefer the GM styling wise but unfortunately budget is budget. Thanks for your input

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