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  1. As long as the interest rate is low it’s a beautiful once everything thing is working. Get the extended warranty thru gm
  2. I had this happened to me also had it happen while I was driving. They finally changed the transmission after I got the better business bureau on record.
  3. trust and believe, they have me in a certified crapcan ( GMC TERRAIN SLE ). My daughter says i hope this won't be her car , i face palmed myself and said surprise ..... lol . The usb plugs doesn't work i have seen 20 year hyundai's with better features
  4. Still waiting for a transmission , then for it to be installed.
  5. https://youtu.be/b3i6z--nLYk Rear brakes randomly apply , when this happens I can not go any faster than 5-10 mph . I have been to 5 different dealerships, no one knows how to fix it . When they give it back to me , all they have done is cleared the check engine codes and say it’s fixed.I have spoken with gm priority care with the senior advisors on multiple occasions to get it replaced or repurchased but have been given the run around. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I currently waiting on that. This truck is great when it works and a hot stinky turd when it is not. Should have waited for the 2020.
  6. What’s the link to the auto stop eliminator
  7. I was looking for a fuse to pull , removing the button never crossed my mind.
  8. I have been thinking the same thing , a service brake assist message came on but then disappears told the dealership they looked shocked and perplexed that can happen.
  9. I have about 6000 ( i travel a lot and despise airplane seats ) miles on my 2019 GMC SEIRRA DENALI 5.3 ( I love chrome lol ) . I've been experiencing a very troubling issue been to the dealership once already and had a hard time convincing them that something was wrong with the truck .Every time i drive for long periods of time or idle for 10+ mins when i shift from park to drive i cannot go faster than 5 mph without the rear brakes locking up. I do not know if this is some kind of limp mode or what . Contacted GM they work slower than molasses , idk what to do
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