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  1. ive disconnected battery it works but not for long ...then it buggs out agian...and no i have not installed anything.
  2. Don't know what's happening but my 2019 at4s touch screen keeps freezing...im able to use the turn dial knobs and select but I simply cannot touch the screen no feed back at all ....and it says I'm on the latest update when I check....been like this for a 4 days now .
  3. such an option don't know what to pick from....but not many pictures..... what is everyone running for a bug deflector mainly... got a 2019 AT4. post pics!~
  4. so the 1.5 from mototfab will be perfect for my 2019 AT4?
  5. https://motofablifts.com/i-30558313-2019-silverado-trail-boss-or-sierra-at4-1-5-front-leveling-lift-kit.html?ref=category:1390562
  6. Has anyone on here installed a front level for there 2019 GMC sierra AT4? any issues...was it easy to do?
  7. does anyone know how to remove the grille on a 2019 gmc AT4?
  8. im not sure the process to ship to a US address. say u knew of a canadian address i can ship it to then that be easier..if i had to ship to US i'd have to drive past the boarder to a US postal place
  9. Hey all, but was wondering if anyone wants to take these off my hands. It's an Anzo headlight http://www.tdotperformance.ca/anzo-111302-headlights-projector-w-u-bar-black-clear-w-gloss-black-clear-trim.html they are pretty much brand new, they were on my truck once. Then i had a late order of HID extra hid kit, for thoes headlights, High/low/fogs. 8000k please let me know if anyone wants to purchase these off me! i dont know if im allowed to put these on here but im here to help you guys mod your truck even more! thanks! send me a E-mail if interested [email protected] PS im frrom canada so we will have to work something out...preferably a Canadian purchaser!
  10. first both were having condensation issues, the left one stopped doing it, but the right one occasionally it will happen
  11. condensation in mine also.....first set, and second set.
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