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  1. I have the gator and have zero complaints. Nice fit and finish, haven't noticed any water in the bed and it is easily removed.
  2. If you go to S&B's website and locate the intake for your truck, there will be a link to an install video. At the end of the video they show how to navigate your driver info menu to disable the air filter monitoring system. After I did that I haven't gotten any error messages regarding my intake. I did that initially, and I just repeated the process last night. I disconnected the battery for 3+ hours, but when I went to the air filter monitoring system, I now do not have an option to disable it... It only shows up red and says "check system".
  3. No worries. I like that you can easily go back to stock if you wanted to. Attaches with 3M two sided tape, but fits really nicely.
  4. Nothing noticeable. I don't rely on fog lights for night driving, the headlights on these are more than bright enough, but their website claims you only lose 3-9% of your light output. I would say that is pretty accurate.
  5. I used slicktints.com dark smoke tint. Very easy to apply when you have the fog light trim removed.
  6. I reached out to S&B to see what they recommend I do. I will update the group with their response.
  7. https://gr1performance.com/product/2019-2020-gmc-sierra-1500-only-fits-at4-and-slt-2pc-black-overlay-grille/ Make sure you select the black. If you have a camera up front, you will have to do some slight cutting on the bottom piece. If you zoom in on mine you can see the triangle shape I had to cut out.
  8. Maybe I spoke too soon about not having issues... Every time I start it now I get the "check engine air filter system" message. I don't get a CEL, just the message. I disconnected the battery again for about 4 hours and made sure the air filter life is unchecked in the information page. Not sure what I did wrong, but its pretty annoying...
  9. Added grille overlays to cover the black chrome. I was hesitant, but I am actually very impressed with the quality and how they fit the grille. Also painted the fog light surrounds and tinted the fog lights. Thinking I may need to change up the color on the GMC badge to red... thoughts?
  10. What color truck are these going on? Excited to see how they look!
  11. I ordered mine from AmericanTrucks.com Fast free shipping and comparable pricing.
  12. I have had zero issues. I turned the filter life indicator off, and have had no CEL's.
  13. I'm happy with my S&B so far. Had one on my last 2 trucks with no issues, and its cheaper. Hard to say which I would go with since I haven't tested the AFE in person.
  14. AFE shows HP gains on the dyno with 12% air flow improvement. S&B only shows 51.69% air flow improvement with no dyno results. End of the video shows the sound somewhat. Pretty similar to S&B.
  15. This is with stock exhaust... It is a LOUD intake.
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