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  1. Do the OEM black GMC emblems come pre-assembled with the black insert attached to the chrome?
  2. Someone got a good deal! I got $1500 for mine with 25k miles and minor curb rash.
  3. 2016-2018 GMC Sierra Elevation grille that's been professionally painted black. This is a brand new OEM grille. I bought it from a member on here, but also decided to go with a different grille. The grille itself looks fantastic, the only reason for going with another grille is I have seen another truck identical to mine with the same grille, and I want to have something different... $500 shipped. Only asking what I paid for it. Current location: 54016 Thanks!
  4. You are correct, it is a different color. Good luck in your search!
  5. I'm having a set painted in White Frost Tri-coat in about a month along with the grille, mirror caps and front bumper. What is your paint code? If its the same, I could have them do another set of door handles depending on how much you are willing to pay for them. Let me know if your interested.
  6. Just had mine done yesterday and I definitely noticed an improvement. The fix is new fluid and they flush it with 20+ quarts to get all the old fluid out.
  7. 25k on my 2018 Denali 1500 and both front & rears were leaking. Fortunately both were replaced under warranty, but both at only 25k?
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