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  1. Took her out around the pond to check some of my deer cameras, and couldn’t help but snap a pic. Beautiful day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This is my Trailboss, with the black parts deleted, and a 1.5” level on 285/65r20 KO2’s. Love the ride. Feels like stock.
  3. I agree with Ryan. I have another Rotofab on a TB 5.3. I feel like there definitely is a growl when you get in the mid RPM range. I may have gotten a tiny bit of performance back after putting larger tires on. I have no complaints. One of the best parts about it in my opinion is getting rid of all the plastic junk under the hood. It really makes the engine bay look much better. The install was also pretty easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I purchased a chrome bumper. Moderators, you can delete this thread.
  5. Actually used my bed for what it was meant for. oh! And I installed my Rotofab CAI too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ryan, apparently these wheels are sort of brittle. I went to my hunting camp a few days ago and there is one not-so-bad mud hole to get in. I went in and out of it two or three times, at very low, like 4 low crawl speeds (never punched it or spun my tires once). And when I washed my truck yesterday I noticed one very similar to this! What the heck!?!
  7. Took my T1 to the hunting camp today. FINALLY got to use my truck, in its element. 4wd and (surprisingly) the auto-lock rear diff really impressed me today. I love this truck more and more! PS: I feel like this should be a magazine ad or something. This truck looks SO dang good to me!
  8. Awesome. That’s exactly what I needed to know. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna order one of these soon. Thanks bud!
  9. Nice. How does it work? Does it plug into the OBD port? I was thinking about getting amp steps too. And do you have to update this thing or program it with your laptop or something? (From what I was reading??)
  10. FWIW, for some reason this size KO2 is about the same as a 275 in any other tire. Is damn near the same width as the stock duratracs. A good bit taller (1.5”) though. Just seems like the BFG’s run a hair skinnier than all other tires. Otherwise, I really love the ride quality of the TB lift. I put a 1.5” motofab level, and it could use a touch more in my opinion. So I just bought the 2” motofab and some RC 3.5” lifted upper control arms. Going to get them on whenever they get here. I’ll post more pics.
  11. Bump on this topic. Did anyone ever get one of these installed? Or I noticed since this topic started, rough country actually makes one now too. Anyone recalibrated the tire size yet?
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