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  1. Kinda soft for gravel my have lots of chunking. Very quite great in snow surprisingly good in mud
  2. Ordered a matrix and wanted to see if anyone had ideas on winch control box relocation? I’ve got gmc at4. Thanks
  3. Wondering what the max ride height on an AT4 would be before the cv angles get too severe? I’ve read the cv axles are a little longer on AT4 packages. Happy Thanksgiving all
  4. I really like them on the highway, extremely quite. Haven't been to the high country so not sure about off road capability but they look aggressive enough to handle most anything.
  5. Im about .75" front and 1.25" back over stock at4 height no trimming or rubbing
  6. fuel maverick 20x9 1 offset 285/60 Toyo At3
  7. i run fuel mavericks cant remember if it was 0 or 1 offset but with 285/60r20 its a good fit. toyo at3s
  8. For sale New body style extended travel upper control arm slightly used maybe 3lk miles retails $900 $575 part#78620DJ
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