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  1. Duratrac tire question

    I have over 40,000 miles on my stock 22" rim size Duratracs and rotate every 5,000 and they still look new. Discount tires does it for free so I take advantage.
  2. Factory GoodYear SRA

    Replaced my crap SRA's at 30,000 started noticing traction loss in wet and snowy conditions. I still had half the tread left and felt they were ok tires until the half way point. I replaced them with Goodyear Duratracts in stock 22" rim size and have loved them. Have over 40,000 miles on the Duratracs and they still look new. I do rotate every 5,000 miles.
  3. Putco tail gate light bar

    I am on my second OPT7 bar and it broke again. I will be sending it back again for other. Its still under the 2 year warranty. I will have to look at the Putco. I like the amber sequential turns of the OPT7. Will have to see if Putco has that option as well.
  4. What is that going to cost? I have a 14 6.2 and my oil usage is up slightly from when I got it new.
  5. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    I have the same issue with my S7 phone. What works for me is going into Pandora settings and uncheck the "auto launch" back out and back in and recheck "auto launch". It will work again for a little while then stop. Its a pain in the butt but it works for a few days. I am sure I could use an update to the radio but its out of warranty now.
  6. Congrats on the new ride. I know some have already talked about the gas pedal flex solution but I have a 14 sierra and I bought a whole new gas pedal with the new part number and that helped a lot as to the responsiveness of the truck on top of the flex fix.
  7. They replaced my Rad, thermostat and stat housing all under power train warranty since the stat is the cause of the crack in rad. They took care of it that day I brought it in. Ask another dealer they should replace it for free. I too had the smell of antifreeze that drove me nuts for a truck with only 40000 miles on it at the time. I now have 65000 with no other problems.
  8. Additional cornering lights?

    Awesome thanks. I have Mictuning light bars I want to mount. Thanks again.
  9. Additional cornering lights?

    What is the name of this bar. I want to add a couple 8" light bars I have laying around and aim them like this to add to my 32" curved light bar hidden in my grill.
  10. I have had the new pedal installed for a few weeks now and I am still noticing a positive difference. It is still not perfect but much better than the old pedal. I would give it a try for anyone that has the old design. Thanks to the OP for looking into this and posting his results. Much happier with my truck now. Its a 14 Sierra AT CC SB 6.2.
  11. Wix 57045 vs 10255

    What is the PSI on the M1-212 Mobil one filter? I could not find any specs on their website? Anybody know?
  12. Removable Tow Mirror Recomendations

    I have something similar to these but about half the size of the mirror and they work but I would prefer a little bigger mirror like these. I might have to order these instead.
  13. After a couple days driving around I can say that yes I have noticed a difference. It is not a huge improvement but an improvement non the less. I noticed it most when taking a left turn after slowing down but not stopping and then accelerate into the turn. The old pedal it would take about 3 seconds before the truck would go, this drove me nuts and had done it since day one I got the truck in July of 14. With the new pedal installed it has not happened once and I took many left turns and test driving trying to duplicate the dely. I also just tried to drive not thinking about it to see if I would happen to noticed anything. So yes I do think it has helped like the original OP has stated. I have a 2014 Sierra with adjustable pedals with no close pin support behind the plate.
  14. I have the same issue with my S7. I find if I open Pandora app and go to settings and in the advanced area there is a check button to auto connect. I turn that off and back on again and it works for a few days then back to not working. Maybe the infotanment system on the truck needs to be updated but I am out of warranty. If you have a warranty take it in and see if there is an update for it. Might help
  15. Just for the heck of it I installed the new part number on my 2014 sierra with adjustable pedals. I will report back after a few days of driving around. If I do not notice much of a difference I will just return the pedal. I am thinking though that only the 14's will notice a difference since most already have the new pedal. Would maybe have something to do with how the truck was programed with the old pedal sensors vs the newer design. I am no expert but just trying to make sense of how it would make a difference if any. More to come.

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