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  1. These tires are the same height as stock so speedo should be really close. They are just wider then the stock.
  2. I had Timbers on my last 14 sierra and while they worked well when towing I did not like the ride they gave. On smooth roads they were fine but you hit a pot hole or ruff patch of road and when they hit the axel you get a good jolt/jar that I did not like. I have been looking into supersprings https://www.supersprings.com/shop/ssa28/ I might give theses a try this time around. I tow a lot and would like the extra stability they say they offer.
  3. Dang these are what I was wanting for my AT4 but ended up finding a set of Westin HDX for 125$ so I could not pass that deal up. They hang down a little lower then I would like but are not bad.
  4. I just got a 19 Sierra AT4 and was reading the manual (I know read the directions right hahaha) and it said to use the original usb-c cord the phone came with as aftermarket cords my not work. Just a thought that might be worth a try.
  5. Thank you I'll have to check it out. Edit. I do not have a plug in the location so I guess I do not have an block heater. Wish I did. Now that is 2 of my last trucks originally sold in MN that did not have a block heater. Thanks again for the help.
  6. I just got a used 19 AT4 and was wondering if there was an engine block installed. It was -28 the other morning and the truck started but it did not want too. Where would I look to see if there was one installed. It looks like it only kicks in at -17. Let say I plugged it in and it was only -10 out but the low was to be -20 would it automatically start when it hit -17? Thanks for the help
  7. I have about 60,000 miles on my duratracs and looking into another set. I have them on a 1500 sierra 275/55 R20. I would like get them in load E but they do not make load E's in the stock size. I tow a lot and while my current druatracs work they feel squishy while tow my 7500lbs fish house. I have them pumped up to max psi @ 51 also. I really like them and have been a great tire for me. Great winter traction in deep snow which is key for me off-roading on the lake with the fish house while ice fishing. I rotate every 5,000 miles is the key to getting the life out of these tires. I am also loo
  8. I will be looking into these as well when my Duratracs wear out. These are exclusive to Discount Tires I believe. Will see what the reviews will say in a couple years. The UltraTerrain almost look like a cross between a Druatrac and KO2.
  9. I have the Duratracs and they were a huge improvement over the SRAs. I got the stock 20" size and have about 45,000 miles on them. I rotate every 5,000 as I got them at Discount Tries and they do it for free. I still have 11/32" tread left. They have gotten louder but not bad. I like the p-rating over the KO2 10 ply for the softer ride. I will be getting another set when these ware out. If all goes well I should be getting almost 80,000 miles out of them. Getting an alignment once a year helps also.
  10. I have over 40,000 on my 275/55-20 P rated Duratracs on my 14 AT Sierra. I rotate every 5,000 and keep psi around 37 summer, 40 winter when not towing and 50 when towing. I have 11/32" tread left. I am thinking of going to a E load rating when I need new tires for my towing I do but they do not make a duratrac in stock size in load E that I am aware of.
  11. I just did this on Saturday and I used Amsoil 75w-90 in both the front and rear diff. I got the easy squeeze container and they worked pretty well, no need for a pump. I also did the transfer case with Amsoil ATF but had to use a pump for that. Just a friendly tip to make sure to get the fill hole bolt out first before you drain the fluid. It took me a couple hours with no lift or jacking up the truck, yes a pain in the butt but its doable.
  12. You could also look at replacing the front and rear diff fluid along with the transfer case fluid if you have auto 4x4. I just ordered Amsoil and I will be replacing them myself when I get some time. I just had my tranny fluid and filter replace yesterday on my 2014 for the second time. I have 80,000 miles on her now.
  13. I have over 40,000 miles on my stock 22" rim size Duratracs and rotate every 5,000 and they still look new. Discount tires does it for free so I take advantage.
  14. Replaced my crap SRA's at 30,000 started noticing traction loss in wet and snowy conditions. I still had half the tread left and felt they were ok tires until the half way point. I replaced them with Goodyear Duratracts in stock 22" rim size and have loved them. Have over 40,000 miles on the Duratracs and they still look new. I do rotate every 5,000 miles.
  15. I am on my second OPT7 bar and it broke again. I will be sending it back again for other. Its still under the 2 year warranty. I will have to look at the Putco. I like the amber sequential turns of the OPT7. Will have to see if Putco has that option as well.
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