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  1. I have the B&W tow and stow and it will still hit the tailgate when in the stow position. Best option is to get one of the hitch override switches so you can not lower the step part of the multi pro tailgate when a hitch is installed.
  2. I've had a 6.2 since my 2014 I bought brand new and now a 2019 6.2 in Feb. I am so used to the power when I get in my wife's car, which is not very often I drive it, I get that omg move car move feeling when I drive hers. I feel like I have to Fred Flintstone the thing to get it moving. I love the power when pull my 8,000 lb fish house/camper. I will always have the bigger motor. It fits my needs very well.
  3. Had 107,000 on my 2014 6.2 with little issues before I traded it in on a 2019 6.2. Got 32000 on the 2019
  4. 2019 6.2 10 speed 3.23 gears. Pulling my fish house / camper around 7500 lbs loaded with about 500lbs of gear in the bed. I have been getting about 8.2mpg. That is my 2014 6.2 6 speed 3.2 gears in the pics which I also got around 8mpg. Most trips I put on about 600 miles round trip.
  5. I found this spot on the passenger side right behind the battery. Cut a slit in the nipple and pushed wires through for my light bars I installed. I did have to the inverter from the inside footwell to get my hands up there to grab the wire. You will see what Im talking about when you look up in the footwell.
  6. Added RC 6" Slim LED light bars to the grill. They blend into the grill very nicely. Also added a diode for the fog lights to come on with the high beams. I like to see at night when I'm out on the frozen lakes ice fishing.
  7. Did a little install today. Got some 6" Slim Rough Country led light bars black series. I found a spot where they fit pretty nice and almost completely tucked in the grill. They should help light up a bit more when I'm off-road or out on the frozen lakes ice fishing. They only stick out a half inch if that. I found a good spot on the passenger side behind the battery to get through the fire wall. There is a rubber nipple that you can cut and push the wires through (Had to use a metal coat hanger to shove them through) and run them to the drivers side for the switch install. From looking straight on they look hidden pretty good. I am happy with the way it turned out. I just need to get a stainless self tapping screws to secure it to the grill. I have 3M double sided auto tape holding them on at the moment.
  8. These tires are the same height as stock so speedo should be really close. They are just wider then the stock.
  9. I had Timbers on my last 14 sierra and while they worked well when towing I did not like the ride they gave. On smooth roads they were fine but you hit a pot hole or ruff patch of road and when they hit the axel you get a good jolt/jar that I did not like. I have been looking into supersprings https://www.supersprings.com/shop/ssa28/ I might give theses a try this time around. I tow a lot and would like the extra stability they say they offer.
  10. Dang these are what I was wanting for my AT4 but ended up finding a set of Westin HDX for 125$ so I could not pass that deal up. They hang down a little lower then I would like but are not bad.
  11. I just got a 19 Sierra AT4 and was reading the manual (I know read the directions right hahaha) and it said to use the original usb-c cord the phone came with as aftermarket cords my not work. Just a thought that might be worth a try.
  12. Thank you I'll have to check it out. Edit. I do not have a plug in the location so I guess I do not have an block heater. Wish I did. Now that is 2 of my last trucks originally sold in MN that did not have a block heater. Thanks again for the help.
  13. I just got a used 19 AT4 and was wondering if there was an engine block installed. It was -28 the other morning and the truck started but it did not want too. Where would I look to see if there was one installed. It looks like it only kicks in at -17. Let say I plugged it in and it was only -10 out but the low was to be -20 would it automatically start when it hit -17? Thanks for the help
  14. I have about 60,000 miles on my duratracs and looking into another set. I have them on a 1500 sierra 275/55 R20. I would like get them in load E but they do not make load E's in the stock size. I tow a lot and while my current druatracs work they feel squishy while tow my 7500lbs fish house. I have them pumped up to max psi @ 51 also. I really like them and have been a great tire for me. Great winter traction in deep snow which is key for me off-roading on the lake with the fish house while ice fishing. I rotate every 5,000 miles is the key to getting the life out of these tires. I am also looking at the Goodyear Ultraterrians from discount tire. They look to be a cross between a duratrac and a KO2.
  15. I will be looking into these as well when my Duratracs wear out. These are exclusive to Discount Tires I believe. Will see what the reviews will say in a couple years. The UltraTerrain almost look like a cross between a Druatrac and KO2.
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