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  1. Filled a tire up on my truck yesterday and the horn beeped when at the right pressure! Pretty cool.
  2. I believe it will support up to 6 sensors! So I guess that could be three single axle trailers. I just have a few double axle trailers!
  3. I looked at both as well and ended up with a well optioned SLT. As far as i can remember, the only things the Denali has that you cant get on the SLT are adaptive ride control & all digital guages. Of course the Denali also has a different grille, slightly different exterior body styling. Stuff like the camera packages, Head up display, trailer camera etc.. you can get in the SLT. Thats what i ended up doing!
  4. have not tried hooking one up to it yet... Hesitant to buy GM one cause its so expensive (of course) and no aftermarket ones yet... would like to know if its going to work first. I have seen a few photos/videos around that show the camera icon for the trailer greyed out on the infotainment screen when the camera isnt plugged in. was hoping to see that icon on my screen when i plugged the new receptacle in but no luck... hoping dealer can help!
  5. Good question! I would think if they aren’t there couldn’t be too difficult to add... Here is how the trailer camera coax looked under my truck. Green connector was just a protective cover. may look similar in mirrors?
  6. Will do! Here’s my new trailer receptacle. Fingers crossed the dealer can program it to work!
  7. curious as well! I would like to add the trailer cameras. Noticed the coax cable was tucked under the bumper on my truck (didnt come with any cameras other than tailgate). I installed the trailer receptacle with the 2 camera ports on it. Plugged the cable in that was under the bumper. Havent been able to get it to show up on the infotainment screen yet thought. thinking it needs some type of programming at the dealer.... Going to get them to look at it when truck goes in for first oil chance next week.
  8. Yea exactly. I might have the dealer have a look at it next week when I get my first oil change. See if they can program/activate something to make it work. Been scouring the wiring diagrams to see what i could be missing. I even have the trailer camera module fuse installed! Can’t be difficult to get camera to work. Maybe I need one of these video modules installed...?
  9. Only reason I ask is because it appears that the camera coax cable is actually taped under the bumper, at least on my truck. I ordered the trailer receptacle with the camera ports and that cable plugged right in. Nothing appeared on the infotainment, as expected but I haven’t tried plugging the camera in yet since it’s so expensive... maybe the dealer has to program something?
  10. Any idea if the trailer cameras can be added to a truck not equipped with it? Thanks!
  11. This is the standard view yes. I don’t have the max trailer package either. If you have the extra sensors I would think your truck has the package. Think it is called the pro trailer package or something like that. Really enjoying it so far! Only wish it could handle more trailers!
  12. Don’t think you can set limits other than what the recommended pressure for the tires should be. I had a trailer tire low last week and received an alert in my doc which was pretty cool!
  13. Not much of a discovery but the trailer tire pressure monitoring is awesome!!
  14. Anyone tried adding the trailer cameras to a truck not equipped with the trailer camera package? Would be cool to add that!
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