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  1. The trailer tire pressure sensors work awesome on my 2019 half ton! Trying to figure out if i can add the camera ports next..!
  2. any update on this? Very interested in getting this to work... Thanks!
  3. Thanks! It’s our company colour so we’ve been buying it for 20+ years!
  4. Just picked up my 2019 Sierra SLT. Love this truck so far. Drove my 2013 Silverado ls for 6 years and this truck is leaps and bounds ahead of it! Still sad to see her go though!
  5. Interested in this as well, any updates if it worked? Just picked up my 2019 Sierra slt without the technology package or the trailer camera package. Can I simply swap out the trailer plug to the one shown in photos above with camera ports? Would it show up on infotainment screen without any software upgrades/reflashes? Thanks!
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