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  1. Very true! Should be integrated into the dash so it doesn’t look like an afterthought.
  2. Well said. A truck is for doing truck things. Don’t want the interior to look like a Cadillac or range. I think we are increasingly in the minority though...
  3. been a few threads about this topic on here. Dont think anyone has successfully done this yet. Wires are there, at least on my truck. but required an entire new head unit according to dealer. not just a simple programming thing...
  4. absolutely love my T1 including everything about the interior. That being said, these new Suburbans looks incredible! Like someone else said, best they have ever looked. I still think i prefer the current T1 interior for a truck though, compared to this. Few quick things i notice are the trailer brake controller in the SUV interior above is back over on the left side as it was in the GMT 900 & K2 trucks. Much prefer where it is on the T1 trucks now in the center stack. Also looks like all the switches for various options (auto stop, lane keep, park assist, etc) are on the left side of the steering wheel in the new interior. Like them way better where they are currently in the trucks. I guess the only thing i would maybe like in my truck from this interior is the larger infotainment screen... Overall, happy to see where GM is headed with the SUV's!
  5. Haha that’s what trucks are for isn’t it?! nicest work truck I’ve ever had that’s for sure! the tonneau cover is the gm branded one by REV. It’s very nice! Lots of different configurations that it folds into including right up and out of the way for bigger items in the bed. It’s not totally waterproof but good enough for me. And very secure to keep tools secure.
  6. Couple 2 x 6’s have always worked for me! The grooves in the bed and tailgate hold things nicely in place when driving. That and some good toolboxes that lock together works perfectly. Oh and the multi pro tailgate is absolutely amazing. Makes the whole bed so much more accessible!
  7. Looks like a third party system for the k2 trucks...
  8. Awesome thanks. How’d you mount them?
  9. yes that is it & is definitely required to install the upfitter switches. Then there is a harness that goes from this, through the firewall & to the battery where it connects to the aux fuse block on the battery. Your truck may need this fuse block kit as well, depending on your trim level/package. Though from what i can tell, this is only added as part of the snow plow prep package part numbers above for this.
  10. looks sweet, what lights are these?
  11. I hear ya, its one of my biggest pet peeves. Most of the people at my dealer are really good, but for some reason the parts people do not have a CLUE. They didn't know this existed either & when i asked them to price it out for my 2019 new body style truck they were very confused between the 2019 new body & limited. I actually printed the upfitter bulletins & parts diagrams out & went to the dealer to show them the parts etc.. Even now, they are saying this will not work on my truck & wont install it, which is why i am going to install it. Very frustrating lol!
  12. I know, quite excited about this as well! There are a few additional parts needed. The aux fuse block you list above is actually the 5 button aux switch bank. Then there are a couple wiring harnesses and, depending on your truck, may also need an additional fuse bank added to your battery fuse box. There is a bulletin on the upfitter website, #47 I think, that shows this. Pretty easy to install. Will post pics when my parts come in and I have it installed.
  13. Have the parts ordered. Should be here in a week or two. Will post pics and how difficult install is.
  14. I suppose you could, though your a braver man than me if your willing to do that! Here’s the price from my dealer with parts required. These are parts for slate interior colour which affect the knee bolster and switch panel itself. Will post pics in a week or two once it’s installed. These are in Canadian dollars.
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