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  1. Same part numbers I believe. Interiors are identical.
  2. Yea you just ground to frame, I usually ground to wherever I’m mounting something. For the switched power there is a new fuse box you mount that has fuses for the switches. Depending on the location of the fuses, they can be either ignition switched or constant power. They are grouped switch 1 and 2 together and 3 and 4 so you could potentially have some stuff constant power and other stuff switched. Pretty slick!
  3. yea under the hood probably would have been better, but its really not a big deal. theres a nice grommet under the drivers side floor mat/carpet where the parking break cable goes through that you can use to run wires through, without having to go through the firewall. then you can tuck the wires under the door sill so they are all hidden. works good!
  4. no, the blunt cut wires hang out behind the dash panel. nice and easy!
  5. Absolutely love the interior of these trucks. Have a buddy with the big screen in the ram and it’s a pain in the ass to use. Have to dig through menus on a touchscreen to do basic things. I do agree with what someone said above, the black plastic around the screen could be more exciting, and that huge blank button annoys me lol. But hey overall love it. The infotainment is way better than the k2 trucks. Way more responsive, crisp and clear, feels like an iPhone. Definitely one of my favourite things.
  6. Nicest truck I’ve ever owned! 2019 Sierra slt premium plus cc sb 5.3. Love all the features especially the trailer app. And love the interior too, as someone who uses their truck as a truck!
  7. not too hard actually, just have to go through the different sections on gmpartsdirect.com heres most of the part diagrams for ya! Think all im missing here is the fuse kit for the battery itself.. Remember different part numbers for the knee bolster/switches depending on colour!
  8. lol my dealer said the same thing. in the end, i ended up showing them the part numbers on the parts diagram to get them to order them....
  9. Never had a k2 So correct me if I’m wrong but couldn’t you only get the upfitter switches on those trucks if you had a Lower optioned model since the upfitter switches went below the center stack in the same spot higher optioned truck features went? anyways, hey whatever you like. I love how they are integrated into the left hand side dash panel.
  10. I disagree! I think they are well integrated into the interior to the point they match whatever colour your interior is. I do think the overhead console where ford puts them is a better spot but hey, not gonna catch me driving a Ford over some switch locations!
  11. Purchased from dealer, they installed them too. It’s not too hard to install yourself if you are at all mechanically inclined. Good instructions on the upfitter website. And a thread somewhere on here of someone who did the install.
  12. that same message popped up when i ordered my parts & i installed them no problem, everything works perfect, so i wouldn't be too worried about it. there's also really good parts diagrams on gmpartsdirect. this is how i found the part numbers for what i ordered, maybe its what your are looking at too? Here are the 4 options for the knee bolster. Its basically with or without push button start, black or grey (atmosphere) interior. hope this helps. Your dealer can verify for you.
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