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  1. Absolutely love my 2019 T1 truck including the interior. But I agree that Denali interior with the integrated screen would look slick in the trucks! Hate how the non Denali versions have the screen projecting above the dash. One of my biggest pet peeves in vehicles it just looks like an afterthought.
  2. Just installed mine this weekend too, pretty happy with it! Wired it into the aux switches and changed the fuse location so they come on with ignition. Have to tap into the bcm yet to get the lights to come on with door open. Now I have to keep my floor mats clean!
  3. Wondering where you found out about switching the fuse location to change switches to work with battery on or off? Interested in this and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Thanks!
  4. Just had mine installed, they are nice! Dealer had no clue how to install it what these were even for but I was able to walk them through it with the upfitter bulletin. Have a couple light bars and some other accessories plan on wiring in, nice to have factory switches!
  5. Just had mine installed. Dealer had no clue pretty much has to walk them through it. But they didn’t charge me labour since they had never done it before so not all bad!
  6. 20 000 kms! Absolutely love this truck, just keeps getting better and better!
  7. So true on the dealer knowledge unfortunately. I ordered my upfitter switches a few weeks ago and the parts person I talked to had no idea what upfitter switches even where, or what the difference between the 2019 limited and new body style was all about. Pretty frustrating actually...
  8. very cool, just ordered this for my truck! howd you wire it up to come on when the door opens? Thanks.
  9. Looks great thanks for the pic! What you thinking of hooking up to these switches?
  10. That would be great! Just curious to see how they look. Thx!
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