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  1. Picked up a new 2021 today. Pretty sweet looking truck if you ask me!
  2. Looks sweet! More details on how you mounted that led bar down low please!
  3. Awesome thread idea! So far I have my footwell lighting (really like having them on a switch!) and backup lights in rear bumper. Saving one switch for a light bar in front grill when I figure out how to integrate one cleanly and not sure about the other 2 yet!
  4. good luck! i had to beg the dealer to install the factory OEM upfitter switches that i ordered with my truck!! absolutely crazy. hate to say it but this is one area where Ford really outshines GM..
  5. While I think these switches look absolutely terrible and realize they are meant for the 4500 and up (so based on k2 gen trucks), something like this may be your best bet if you really want them up there... would have to get creative with it but since there’s no oem option for this it’s going to have to be custom either way.. agreed tho, it is a better spot. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1419/UI Bulletin_164 Auxiliary Overhead Switch Bank.pdf
  6. Anyone try this one yet or heard anything about it? Just stumbled on it last night.
  7. Pics of how you mounted the light bars?
  8. Would like to order for my 19 let me know how the install goes!
  9. Awesome work! Really like the location of it. Had one in my older trucks but like you mentioned mostly a thing of the past at least around here.
  10. the aux switches have built in fuses & relays already!
  11. for sure, here is a link for the lights i used. Saw these from another member on here actually, they are really nice weatherproof lights that provide lots of light considering how small they are. https://www.online-led-store.com/6pc-lamphus-stardust-sdrl14-led-off-road-rock-light-orzledwkl1050-xx-x6 Since i already have installed the factory aux switches, i decided to wire the lights into them as opposed to the reverse lights. This lets me turn the lights on whenever i want, which i really like, for situations like boat ramps etc.. The aux switches leaves you with 4 blunt cut wires under the dash. There is a really nice grommet under the drivers side floor mats/carpet that the parking brake cable goes through i think. I ran some wire through this grommet & tucked it under the door sill, up under the dash. I picked the blunt cut wire that corresponded to the switch i wanted & spliced into that. Really nice thing about the aux switches is depending what spot you put the fuse in, you can control whether the lights are always on, or just when the truck is on. i picked just when the truck is on to avoid leaving them on accidentally & draining battery. I then ran the wire underneath the truck & down the frame. This was definitely the hardest part, trying to keep the wire away from pinch & burn points. i mostly followed existing wire harnesses. To mount the lights, i drilled a small hole in the plastic step for the white to go through. sealed it with RTV silicone & screwed the lights into the bumper. Found a good ground by the trailer hitch & spliced both lights into the wire i ran. Pretty happy with how it turned out! Ill post some more pics too! Let me know if you want to see anything else.
  12. I put mine facing out towards the side of the truck and wired into aux switches. Works well for backing up at night and can turn on manually when at a dark boat launch or loading up sleds late at night!
  13. Yea got the same alert when I entered my vin (1500) and it worked perfectly. They are definitely the same part. Just make sure you get the colour and press to start or no press to start right!
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