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  1. Your truck looks good. Fender flairs aren’t needed unless your tires are slinging gravel or mud on to the side of your truck. They don’t add much if just for looks imo.
  2. The dealership that fixed mine assured me that the replacement lifters were different from the original but understand that there are two different problems. Mine and a number of others had lifter failure with very low miles. Many below 10,000 miles. Mine was under 5,000 miles. These trucks predominantly had a build date in a small time period during 2020, maybe a little after. GM blames this on covid supply chain issues . Other’s have had lifters fail at 40,000 miles and up. It’s a different issue and apparently due to the fuel management system it’s an issue that will be ongoing. I’ve gone a year and a half with no issues on 16 replacement lifters but I’m very low miles. I drive in L7 most of the time to disable fuel management and auto stop and I’ll definitely buy the extended warranty when the original one is running out. I have friends driving Chevy trucks with the same engine that haven’t had problems over 100k plus miles.
  3. Your truck looks great. I did the fox 2.0 also and the difference in ride and handling puts my truck much more to my liking. My wife even mentioned the difference and enjoys driving it. I did a 1 1/2 inch block in the back and I’m pretty much level at 40 inches height at every fender. I did have to adjust the headlights after going up 2 inches in front.
  4. I put the fox 2.0 on my 2020 Z71 and raised the front 2 inches and the back 1 1/2 with blocks. The floating feeling is gone and the truck is smoother on rough roads than it was with the ranchos. I have 20 inch wheels so the ride is still a little rough but much better than before. My friends that have full size trucks all comment on how much better mine rides than their truck. The highway multiple bouncy thing and actually rocking when sitting still and other cars went by was unbearable.
  5. Your AT4 looks good. Have you leveled it? How much difference do the new tires make in ride quality?
  6. I know this is an old post but do you still have this truck? Looks really good. Any pictures from the side?
  7. I’ve got a 2020 LT 5.3 with composite springs. Lifted the back with 1.5 tapered blocks. So far no issues but I’m not doing any heavy off-roading.
  8. Swapped the Ranchos for Fox 2.0 front and back. Front set to lift 2 inches, 1 1/2 inch block added to the rear. I’m now at 40 inches on all fenders plus the ride is much more to my liking. Now to adjust the headlights.
  9. Nice to hear from someone that had this happen and has a few miles on the engine without problems. This happened to me late last December and all of my lifters were replaced. My truck has been running great since then but I’m low mileage. How long has it been since this happened to you?
  10. Looks great. Have you measured the fender heights? I think you’re right about the taller tire looking better.
  11. The weight of your tires is what got my attention to start with. I’m concerned about mpg but also I messed up the ride of my last truck with heavy ko2 tires and determined to not do that again.
  12. There seem to be very few choices in non LT bigger than 275 60 20. Nitto makes a 305 55 20 ridge grappler in non LT that weighs 4 more pounds than your 275 65 20 so I’m pondering the choices. Post some pics after you install your rear block, please. I have less than 1 inch of rake so if I raise the front 2 inches I’ll need to raise the rear also.
  13. I wasn’t aware. What size Cooper Rugged Trek are you running? How’s your ride with the Eibach struts? I mainly on pavement but definitely some off-road. Mainly mud.
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