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  1. The license plate lights are not led. Every bulb on a 21 Denali is led. Except for those two bulbs. I replaced them with I think a 193 or 194 led bulb. The way the light fixture is angled up at a 45°, the leds are so bright, it washes out the tailgate camera at night, somewhat. The washing out effect, isn't bad enough, for me to go back with incandescent bulbs. You can still hook up a trailer.
  2. I had problems when I rotated tires. Moved the tool all around the stem, no chirp. Did you do as redwngr said and hold the tool under the stem, touching the rubber tire? That is what I learned after screwing around for 15 minutes. It seems counterintuitive being farther away, but the tool must not penatrate thru metal.
  3. I know what you're saying. I have a 21 3.0 baby max. You can start it in the shop and damn near get it to operating temp before opening the door in the winter. I'm lucky, have a 1086 IH, Gleaner with a cummins combine, a 95 cat tractor and a few more tractors and a semi, all pre-emmissions. So I can still get my flavor of diesel smoke.
  4. For the ones that have touched these lights, are the led bulbs replaceable? Truck is not here yet and would like to know if the bulbs can be changed out with white leds. I don't think the bezel is yellow as they look to be smoked/tinted, which I assume would have to make the bulb amber.
  5. This^^^. Those are great, during calving season.
  6. Nope, just your wallet. Your speedo will be a couple of mph off. Also your mpg gauge, if'n that is a concern.
  7. Our gravel roads are clay based. When the gravel gets thrown off to the side and it rains softly for a day or 3, you will have to use 4x4 to drive on them, and still hope you don't ditch it when the road shoulders suck you in. And this is traveling under 10mph. That damn road base, once dry, is like concrete. Takes forever to get under the mud clods that stick to the felt liners. If it was smooth plastic or steel, clods would just fall off in big chunks.
  8. New truck is at 4800, setting in Wisconsin. Looks like I will be getting an early Christmas present, sooner than I thought. Already have tons of accessories in the shop waiting, along with 7 new Nitto exo grapplers.
  9. Oh boy, truck is junk. Need to sell it to me for scrap price! On a serious note here is a used one on ebay. Has scratches, but would need to be painted to match anyway. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133922588400?hash=item1f2e6886f0%3Ag%3AEa8AAOSwyPxhgZZZ&LH_ItemCondition=4 I'm sure you're sick to your stomach, but teaching lessons aren't getting any cheaper in life.
  10. Do you have a local Line-x dealer close? I drive by one a couple of times a month. Always wanted to stop in and ask. Those things are worse than trying to pressure wash indoor/outdoor carpet!
  11. Did you replace the end caps? If'n not, is the extend to tire switch protected from gravel, snow, etc without?
  12. I will agree to an extent. You are forgetting about the bump steer though. You know, that pesky thing when you crossover pivot tracks in a corn field or going crosswise to corn rows or just plain ole ruts or our two lane sandhill roads. That's just me. Others will have worse conditions, I'm sure. To broadly say it's a balancing issue is looking at the world in a cereal box. Some with trucks, use trucks.
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