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  1. I am pretty new here as a member, but I have been having this issue as far as I can remember with every link, just re-opens the same page. Thought that was odd.
  2. Rusting Frame

    I have a 17 sierra, just looked the other day, slight spot of rust where the jack/hoist touches the frame. Seems anywhere the wax coating is disturbed will rust very quickly. I had a 2015 Silverado, got a Krown oil undercoating done. never had any rust for the 2 years I owned it even with winter road salt. I plan to get my new truck done soon. Like already stated, it helps to regularly spray off the undercarriage especially if you live in an area that uses road salt. Highly recommend getting a rust proofing spray done. (not fluid film though as from what I have heard will melt the wax off all together)
  3. New guy from BC Canada.

    Nice looking truck man, love that color/combo. Another Canadian here also
  4. Rear lift blocks

    You may be right, but I would hardly think the angle would be out too much with just a 2" block. really only lifting 1". I have heard on the 3" and up it can become an issue. Also, I have yet to find a 2" flat block, seems every brand is tapered except tuff country. But they only have 3" and up available.
  5. Rear lift blocks

    From what I have just been reading, I believe some of the above posters seem to be right. The drive line angles are supposed be be equal. I may go with flat block for only a 1" difference. Still tuned in for other peoples experiences.
  6. Rear lift blocks

    I am also looking for info on this subject. Looking to get 2" rear blocks for my 17' sierra elevation but I am not sure if I should get flat or tapered either. I know the readylift and rough country are tapered. Tuff country makes some 2" flat ones. Don't want to add a vibration in a brand new truck.

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