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  1. Looks good, did you have to cut your cowl at all to mount these?
  2. I like the write up and install video, thanks for taking the time for that. Also I like the alumni shirt at the end, I have one in blue. Thanks for your service.
  3. I've enjoyed reading your posts for the short time I've been on here, prayers are being lifted up for you and your family. Fight the fight and love the love brother.
  4. Love this look, what is you suspension setup? Any spacers or rubbing?
  5. Are these on every 19 or are these from a certain model?
  6. I believe tint is measured by the amount of light it lets pass through. ex. 100% would be perfectly clear.
  7. How much lift do the shock settings net? And do you have any rubbing with those size tires?
  8. Which color light does it have?
  9. What are your suspension and tire specs? Love the look!
  10. Does anybody know what the differences are between a top mount and bottom mount spacer to level? The top mounts seem to be more expensive and may require cutting the length of the top shocks bolts from what I can tell, so are there any positives to going with the more expensive top mounts?
  11. I love my AJT cover, it's also a little lighter then the oem one. So less weight in your pocket!
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