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  1. Solo performance or Corsa

    So I was able to install my sport system the other day. Man does it sound good. I'm completely happy with my choice. It is pretty loud on a could start but mellows way down after a minute. It's nice to actually hear my truck as I drive around, I'm usually a casual driver and only ever go WOT if I'm getting on a busy road with traffic and I have to.
  2. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Do the truck gear covers flip up to the cab, and can you close the tailgate with the cover closed? I can't find the answer on their website.
  3. Lighted Tailgate Emblem

    I'm so glad I clicked on this topic! hahahaha
  4. Solo performance or Corsa

    It's currently sitting in my garage in a box, I'll update when I have "free time" to install it.
  5. Solo performance or Corsa

    Thanks for all the replies, I ordered a Corsa sport system last night.
  6. Solo performance or Corsa

    I plan to keep it with just the cat-back, and your response of the Corsa sound seems to be the general consensus! Thanks! Yeah I know the Corsa has the built in sound cancellation to get rid of the drone, and from what I can gather that's the reason for the j-pipes on the Solo system. Kind of concerning if you still got drone on a Solo system, and I'm not familiar with what clamps Solo uses what kind are they?
  7. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Finally got the new setup in. The rear is almost an inch lower and it’s killing me. What are my options to gain .5-1” in the rear? Add-a-leaf adds to much. So maybe a 5” block? (4” block currently) airbags? I tow a heavy boat all summer, and where it sits now is normally how it is when towing. So I’d rather not have it dragging ass towing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk What's your setup here? It looks good.
  8. I have an 18 5.3 CCSB that I’m wanting to put some more rumble into. I like the dual tips exit behind the rear tire setup. I would love to hear from people who have experience with either of these two manufacturer cat-backs?
  9. Simple Secondary Cargo Light Switch

    Fantastic idea!
  10. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Does anybody have any experience with a Peragon cover? https://www.peragon.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-Jfcv9ai4AIVS-DICh3suQzYEAAYASAAEgKZiPD_BwE
  11. Unfortunately my current contribution to this thread would be all my salvageable belongings after my house flooded. But I do have some of my grandfather's old plates on the wall.
  12. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    I'm looking into a tonneau cover for my 18 Sierra, I want to have full bed access, not cover the side rails and be able to close the tailgate with the cover down. I'm looking at the: Under Cover Ultra Flex https://undercoverinfo.com/undercover-ultra-flex/2018/gmc/sierra-1500 BakFlip MX4 https://bakindustries.com/bakflip-mx4/2018/gmc/sierra-1500 TruXedo Lo Pro https://truxedo.com/lopro/2018/gmc/sierra-1500 I like the idea of the hard cover with the Ultra Flex and MX4 but I also like the 1/2 price of the Truxedo. I'm basically just wanting to have things in the bed and not get wet. Opinions between these three?
  13. With all the aftermarket lift manufactures selling parts specifically based on what your truck is equipped with makes me believe there are a few differences.
  14. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I've been looking at these lately, how do you like it so far? Are you using the "Gate x2" button for anything?
  15. Off road carbon trim?

    The all terrain has a mix of carbon and brushed aluminum looking trim.

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